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anyone doing alternative therapies for colon cancer?

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I am new to this board and wondering if there are any of you who have had success with alternative treatments. I am currently forgoing the adjuvant chemo and instead am focusing on boosting my immune system, detoxing, taking many many supplements, juicing veggies and have gone totally vegan. I also go for weekly acupuncture/massage,lymph drainage, essential oils and counseling. I have chosen this route after much prayer and watching my sister die after this very same cancer was diagnosed--adenocarcinoma. She did cut, burn, poison. Then died. Hoping to hear from other alternative seekers.

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Hi 2bhealed, Three years back my wife was at a meeting to take over as a trainer of pharmacy staff. There were several alternative medical practitioners present.Eventually after business was finished the discussion turned to alternative remedies for colorectal cancer. several examples were put forward as subjects who had used alternatives. At the end of the discussion there were only two subjects who hadn't circummed to cancer ,myself and a chap called Wal. Both had had surgery and chemo and no alternative, We are both still going(both were stage three) I,m four years and Wal seven. I would seriuosly reconsider chemo and back it up with alternative. Cheers Ron

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I'm just beginning a program of homeopathic medicine, acupuncture and reiki. I had surgery to remove colon cancer but they discovered it had spread to my liver so I'm getting ready to undergo chemo. I feel like I need to cover all routes. I really would like to know how you are faring. All my best.


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Hege--So far so good. My return visits to Mayo have all come clean on CT and blood work. I go for another colonoscopy in Feb and either another CT or a PET test.

A woman came to me after my diagnosis and surgery to talk me into chemo as she had just finished up her first round and felt it had been very successful. Last I heard her cancer had come back and she had to go another round.

A MUST READ for anyone with cancer is 'Beating Cancer with Nutrition' by Patrick Quillin. It gives you SO much info whether you choose chemo or not. Mayo has given me nothing in terms of nutrition nor did they with my sister who died of my same cancer (different location) 9 years ago. This is why I had to take it upon myself to find alternatives. The medical establishment withholds info--I kid you not.

My oncologist told me that the 5-fu/leucovorin protocol that they recommended would not damamge my kidneys, my heart nor my bone marrow. Everything I have read on my own points me to the opposite. At my local oncologist's office they feed their chemo patients donuts! after a treatment. Excuse me but cancer feeds on sugar?!! Hello!

Hope all goes well for you. Keep me posted.


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You might be interested in finding out more info on phitotherapy. There is an Institute of Andean Research in Lima, Peru. Apparently the founder is a Polish priest that lived for more than 30 years in the Peruvian andes and jungle and learn about the medicinal effects of some plants on cancer treatments. Tel in Lima-Peru is 241-6138, Fax 445-3374
Good luck

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How are you doing? I am a cancer survivor of 1 1/2 year. God has blessed my with a remission and at present wonderful health. I am at present focusing on boosting my immune system. Do you have any advice?

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Hi, I am 54 years of age. I had surgery l5 months ago, and had 3 ft. of my right colon removed, I also had another tumor on the messentary, and on the lining of the stomach. Also, l lymp node was involved. I took the chemo, but following that I started taking IP6, and drinking essiac tea. I am a stage 4. They cannot find cancer anywhere in my body. I think it was the miracle I had prayed for and the tea I drank. Sally Yandell my email address is sal@ipa.net

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Hi Sally -
My father has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to the liver. I am not familiar with IP6 or essiac tea. Where do you purchase it?

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