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aromatase inhibitors vs. tamoxifen

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Did anyone hear the news from the San Antonio convention - new drugs (aromatase inhibitors) show 17% improvement over tamoxifen for reducing the incidence of recurrence of breast cancer. The new drugs suppress the estrogen without the side effects of tamoxifen - i.e., hot flashes, possibility of uterine cancer, and blood clots. Does anyone take these new drugs now? If so, are there any side effects to report?

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My oncology group is now giving two years of Tamoxifen and at least 3 years of Femara (sp?). Nurses say the side effects are similar to Tamoxifen. This drug is in same class as Arimedex(sp?) that has been out a long time. All the reports I have read sound very promising. Let us all pray it is as good as they claim!!!
God bless you,

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Dear Gaylene
The latest of the aromatase inhibitors is Anastrozole (Arimidex) & it was being used for later advanced stage Tamoxifen resistant breast cancer. It is just coming out of trials for use with early stage adjuvent therapy in place of Tamoxifen. The side effects are said to be similar & are best for use with post menopausal women but less severe than Tamoxifen & without the risk of uterine cancer that Tamoxifen carries. Check it out on www.mediresource.com a very helpful site for all queries on BC & treatments & drugs. Hope this is of some help.

Love Pam

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I read on another web site about raloxafin(sp?)
its not supposed to have the uterine cancer risk like tomaxofin, but I read that side effects can be hot flashes and leg pain. My mom wanted to take this med, but her surgeon, insisted on tomaxofin.........

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