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Recovering patient-Would love to talk

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I was diagnosed in september of 2000 and just recently finished my treatments. I had a ewing sarcoma and because this is so rare I have never met or spoke to anyone who had the same problem.But I would love to share my story and hear yours.

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This is Pat from Minnesota. I just sent you a long e-mail with my story. Hope you got it. What is a ewing sarcoma? Mine is called a soft tissue sarcoma. I, too, would like to talk about what we've been through, how we view things, etc. You can e-mail me at pblai@aol.com

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hi..I too have had a rare cancer..Rhabdosarcoma...what makes it really rare is ..the doctors only have seen it in children and they were not sure how treatment would go for me..tell you more in email..xxCynthia40_@hotmail.com

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hello i am new 2 all this internet stuff but i would just like to tell u that i had a ewings sarcoma i have been finished about 1yrar of treatment 3weeks ago and i would love 2 chat by email and share storys if u want my name is james and i am in the uk and my email is-jimbob.grundwhee@fsmail.net

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I am so happy that you made it. How far are you into the five years? My name is angel and I was diagnosed with ewings in 2001. I went into remission, but right at the crucial 2yr mark was rediagnosed with it in another location. Did you have problems getting diagnosed to begin with? I was misdiagnosed for almost 2yrs before I found out it was cancer. This is rare foe me because I am a female and i was 26 when diagnosed. This time around I have been more angry for the simple fact that during cancer I discovered an overwhelming urge to help people the way people hepled save my life. I was in my 2nd semester of school to become a r.n. I just had my first chemo, 3 to be exact.Please take good care of yourself and eat right. Vegetation and h2o are the most important thing to stay healthy. good luck and I will keep you in my prayers.

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