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On October 16, 2001 I had the upper two lobes of my right lung removed. Six weeks have passed and I am still in a great deal of pain.
In the month I have been home, the pain seems
to be perhaps worse than it was when I first came home. I am still taking 1-2 vicodans every 3 hours. Also, I am easily winded; just
talking on the telephone can leave me breathless. Is this "normal?" My surgeon blames much of my pain on a mastectomy on the same side of my body last June, and shoulder complications from that surgery, but this pain
feels distinct and lower on my body--almost like a metal vise which is often tightened.
I'd very much like to hear from others who have had this surgery/

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two months is too short a time to recover. I had upperright lorctomy in 92, a recurrence and complete removal of right lung in 2000. Do gentle exercises...you will get better....get a lot of sleep

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Sheila, what a success story you have to tell. Please share with us. As you know stories like yours are few and far between. Ten years, how wonderful. What kind of lung cancer did you have and what treatment did you receive? I had lower right lobe resected Sept. 2000. I still have what I would call a sensation in my right underarm. I get very concerned thinking it is a lymph node but I never feel any lumps. Thank you for any help you can offer. Grammy

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Your pain is the result of having your ribs spread for the surgery. My lobectomy is 13 months old and the pain is still there but becoming less with each passing week. Doctors tell me to continue swimming to streach the muscles on that side. It does help me. The shortness of breath will improve with time.

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