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The Tiger roars again!!!

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Howdy all!!!!! Well, It has been a dogs age since I have been on here. I am so happy to see alot of old "faces" . Thank you for caring enough to continue to ask about me. I have been so busy with treatments, still, that leave me on my arse, and in between, Christmas shopping, beating my kids, harrassing my husband, and generally doing the same as before cancer. My boys are driving me around the bend, fighting, and rambunctious as all get out!!!
I have hair now, I am on CMF, and it only thins my hair out, it is straight,fine and so thin, I can barely curl it.Oh well, it is the most hair that I have had in two years!!I will find out on Dec 27, how this stuff is working, so I will let you all know. Meanwhile, I will try to get on here on a more regular basis.
The Base chaplain is planning to come over and hold a 'Sacrament for the sick' for me, so as soon as I get it all arranged, I will let you know and perhaps you could say a special prayer for me on that eve.
Well, as I always say, lets fight this thing and kick some cancer ***!!!!!
My love to you all, and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday season.

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Dear Tiger:

So glad to see your post!!! I have been thinking of you a lot and do so understand that life goes on--even when we have our treatments. I am glad that life is being good for you and that you seem to be doing well. I will continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers that all will continue to go well and that this foul disease will be defeated. How's the book coming? :-) I, too, have kept busy with the family. My husband goes out-of-town from time to time so I get to play single parent. The baby (now 15 months) keeps me real busy during the days.

Must cut this short as I have to go and pick up a kid from school. Will write more later. Glad to see you are back!!!

Love and hugs and blessings......


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Dear Wendy, I was SO HAPPY to see a post from you, before i went off for such a long time, I looked and looked for you, but you were not there, and I was getting upset, but here you are once again!!! Happy and healthy I hope. Gee, the little one must be getting some big by now!! I like the way you prased that " pick up a kid" Just how many do you have? I know you have the wee one and a daughter in U, but how many more?
I know my two boys are enough to make me want to join a convent, you know, someplace in the mountains, were the nuns are forbidden to speak, just work and enjoy the scenery!!
Well, glad to see you are still on the run as per usual!!

love from Tiger

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I am back from picking up the "Kid". Actually, I had to pick up a neighbor girl that usually rides with us....my second daughter is away with the boys varsity basketball team at a game tonight---she does stats for them.

Anyway, to answer your question, I/We have 4 children.....3 girls and a boy. My oldest daughter is 19-1/2 and is in her second year at college. She just got a 1/3 carat promised ring from her boyfriend!!! My second daughter is almost 16 and just passed her driver permit test today. (More gray hair is ahead!!!) She is the one who is away at a basketball game tonight. She is also in Navy JROTC and wants to attend the Naval Academy for college. My third shild is our only son....he is 13 and in the 8th grade. He is active in Boy Scouts and making us crazy with not doing his school work!!! And, of course, there is the baby. She is a little deamon at times and gets into EVERYTHING!!!. We love her lots and are so glad to have her.

Anyway, I think that answers the main question you had. I am doing pretty good, just trying to get back my stamina. I finished my last chemo on 9/24. Finished the A/C in April and then landed in the hospital with no WBC. Had 6 weeks of radiation that started just after Mother's Day and started Taxol at the end of July. So far, everything is going well. I see the onco for my next check up in 2 weeks. I have seen the surgeon every three months and he is happy with things. My blood tests and chest x-rays are good. Had to have CT Scans in July because one of my liver panel numbers was high and again in Oct. because the chest x-ray was cloudy. Both turned out to be nothing. No actrivity in the liver and just radiation scars finally showing up on the chest x-ray. Now I am in the wait and see mode. I did decide to have a once over by a dermatologist since my B/C had squamous cells in it just to be on the safe side. Well, he found a spot on my right upper arm and biopsied it....basal cell carcinoma....had it removed yesterday and boy does my arm hurt!!! :-( My hair is growing back in ok, but it wish it were thicker. It was as white as it could be, too. So.....I have had it colored and will have it done again in about 10 days. It is a bit wavy, but mostly unruly. I look like a cupie doll in the AM when I get up!!! :-)

Now all I have to do is get ready for Christmas.....we will be driving to Wyoming to introduce the baby to one of her grandmothers and her 2 great-grandmothers and some aunts, uncles, and cousins. Just hope the weather cooperates!!!

Well, I think that briefly catches you up on me. I hope that you are still managing treatments well. The kids do tend to make the time fly by, huh? I don't know what I would have done had I not had kids to chase after and care for through all of this!!! Are your boys (hubby included) helping you out or being typical males?? :-) How many more treatments do you have to go? You still didn't say how the book is coming....? I will keep looking for your post on when you have your service with the base chaplain. You know that I will be with you in spirit during that time. Even though I do not write much, you are constantly in my mind and I do wonder about you.

I see that I have written a small book, so I had better go. Besides, it is time for me to figure out what to fix for dinner.....

The work never ends, does it?

YOU take good care of yourself, and tell your boys to give you an extra hug from me. Write soon and I will look forward to seeing your posts. I, too, will try to get back into it again.

Love and hugs to you.....Wendy

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Welcome back Rosa! We've all missed you soooo much. When we don't hear anything the mind begins to run away and naturally, think the worst although, we know you'll keep kicking butt!It's so good to hear you're doing ok. I'm glad your hair is coming back enough that you're thinking about curling it. I hope you have a fantastic holiday! PLEASE keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. Our love and prayers are obviously helping! HUGS!!! Cathy

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so good to hear from you, merry christmas and hope the best for the new year.prayers always, donna g

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Hi Tiger------Thanks for giving us all an early Christmas present by posting a message and letting us know how you are doing. The fact that you were able to post the message was good news. We have been so concerned about you, and glad to hear that you are still kicking butt! You are such a good person, and we all look up to you. Thanks again for your post and my prayers will remain with you.
God Bless You - Lucy

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Hi Rosa,
It was great to hear from you. I have not been on here much lately either.
I will continue to keep you in my prayers & send you positive thoughts. I wish you the nest in your treatment. I will look forward to hearing from you after your appt.
Everything with me is going pretty good. I went for my mammogram today. The first one since being diagnosed. I will be anxious to get the results back from that. I will go back to the surgeon in 2 weeks for a check-up. I am planing to have reconstruction after the first of the year. I have had consults with two different plastic surgeons but just didn't feel comfortable with either one of them. I have another one I am going to go to. One of the ladies in my support group went to him & she was very pleased. I had to have surgery Nov. 14th for a prolapsed bladder. I have just been recooperating from that.
For those of you who remember my nieces that were in the car accident in March. My great nice has had numerous surgeries on her arm. there was infection in the bone & they have had quit a time trying to get that cleared up. She is doing much better now. Her Mom who was paralyzed has made so much progress & her attitude has reamained so positive throughtout this time. She has regained some movement back in both arms, more in her right. She has recently started having some movement & feelings in her feet & legs. We are all so excited. God has been so good to all of us. She is just positive that she will walk again & I certainly hope she does. She is 31 years old, the same age as our daughter. I just can't imagine that happening to her.
Rosa, hang in there. You are such a very special person to us all.

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ROAR that is. Glad to hear your doing so well I hear a ring to the words. I am glad you left a post, always nice to hear from you. GLAD YOUR BACK
Have a Very Merry Christmas Tiger hope to talk to ya soon.
Be good out there,

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Hi Tiger,
Good to hear from you. Will keep you and all the other CSN members in my prayers. Margaret

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Hey Rosa! Great to see yu again. I havent been here for a while either. All has been going well until today. I had a pap test and there are abnormal cells so I have to have an endometrial biopsy on monday. Hadnt heard that the uterous was a likely metastatic place, but who knows! Maybe it is a false alarm and there will be no problem. 10 days to wait for biopsy results so that wont be fun. So good to see yu here again.... Love Susan

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Its wonderful to see apost from you Tiger!
Merry Christmas!

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