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Treatment Update

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I have just had results of some tests & they are not too good.
My CA15-3 marker numbers are rising rapidly again & I have had to have new x-rays on shoulder, chest, ribs, pelvis & left femur which all show signs of renewed activity again after having only just finished my last chemo. The pain is horrendous. I had an infusion of Aredia on Thursday for bone pain but it hasn't helped yet & I am on increasing amounts of slow release morphine.
I start a new chemo on Thursday 13th December. This time it will be Taxotere (related to Taxol)& I will lose all my hair again & it had just started to grow again. Bummer!!!!

Well ladies pray for me & help me to fight still (again) so that I can beat this disease yet. If Rosa (Tiger ) can keep on fighting I am sure I can too. She would kill me if I gave up.
My love to you all.


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Hi Pam. I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble! I wish there was something I could do to help you. Please keep us posted with your progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Have a Happy Holiday! HUGS!! Cathy

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Pam - My love and prayers will be with you daily as they are with Tiger. Remember to keep a "positive attitude" and with God's help you will beat this disease.
Love, Lucy

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Pam, I will be praying for you . I hope you can find a way to tolerate your pain and that you remain strong and positive. Remember us all here cheering you on !! God Bless !! Karin

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Pam -you and rosa are very courageous women and I admire you both greatly... thank you for sharing your spirit with us.

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Pam,My thoughts and prayers are with you.Keep your chin up and take one day at a time. May god Be With You Debbie

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Hi Pam,

I will defintiely add you to my prayer list. You keep on fighting, because you are an inspiration to us all. As one who has gone through recurrence, you give me strength. I have not had to battle as you. Tamoxifen is working wonderfully for me. My CA 25 and CA 27 keeps coming down. Praise the Lord. Keep smiling and we will all be holding your hand through this.

God Bless,

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I will keep you in my praryers for some comfort to allow you to enjoy the Christmas season with your family! Sharon

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i'm sorry the lab results and pain aretroublesome for you. I was on taxotere for 9 sessions and did ok, some hair loss, thinning really, nothing horible so maybe yours will just thin also...
prayers and thought sare with you as you continue your fight, as you all continue our fight with this disease... donna

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Hi Pam,
I have not been on here a lot lately so I have not kept up with everyone very well. I am going to do better.
It was good to hear from you. I am so sorry that things are not going so well for you right now. Please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you. You have been so couragous through this & I admire you & Rosa both. Keep fighting.

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Keep up the good fight and I pray that you will do well on the Taxotere.

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It wouldnt just be Tiger, Pam. there'd be an armada on its way! My condolebnces about your hair...that really is a bummer. Mine came back curly! and I quit smoking 12 days ago, so I am pretty chuffed with myself. Keep up the fight Pam. Really rooting for you here in Canada...Love Susan

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