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Hello my friends,
I am sorry I haven't written lately. I have been in an emotional flux. I have been experiencing quite a bit of pain between my shoulders and down both arms. Doctors haven't found out the cause yet. Tests scheduled are bone scan, nerve tests, MRI, and something with an orthopedist. Additionally, my blood pressure has gone sky high. This has been really hard for me. I have a tendency to want to withdraw and deal with everything alone and that is not very healthy. I suppose that is one of the reasons why it has been so long since I have posted. I have so many meds right now I don't know which to take. The pain meds don't work. It seems like the only thing that gives minor pain relief is the blood pressure med. I would really appreciate your remembrance of me in your prayers...I know Christ will be my strength through this. I just need to remember that...and to hold on to His hand. God bless you all as we enter this holiday season.
Love, Jayne

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You will be remembered in my prayers. May you have a blessed holiday!


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Hi Jayne. Thank you for writing and letting us know what's been happening. I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable!There is a form of pain control called TENS which help block the painful stimuli from spreading. A Physical therapist could help you with that as well as other methods of pain control and simple exercises that may help. I hope you find the answer and relief. Have a Happy Holiday! Please keep us aware of what's happening. Sometimes the best medicine is to talk to other people. We care and want to help you. Keep in touch! HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi Jayne,
So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.I will be praying for you as you go thru your tests and that God will give you his comfort stength and peace. It is greatto know that we can hold on his hand always. You take care God Bless Debbie

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Hi Jayne:

Read your post and I'm sorry you're having so
much pain to cope with.

I'm wondering if you've tried any
"relaxation" techniques? Sometimes, when we're in pain, our bodies get very tense and this seems to worsen everything. It helped
me tremendously!

Re the emotional flux: have you tried meditation? Once you've done the relaxation,
you just go into the meditation and remain
there as long as you need. It can be a very
powerful antidote for the pains of the body as well as the spirit. Throughout my treatment, surgery to chemo to radiation, I used these methods to control pain as well as to keep myself focused and balanced. I don't know what I'd have done without it.

Sometimes, we may find more peace and soothing from inside than from prescriptions and sometimes we may need to use both.

Pain, whether physical or emotional, can really wear us down and the faster we can find ways of managing it, the better.

You're in my thoughts and here's a warm hug together with my good wishes for you.

Love, light and laughter,

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Dear Jayne

Once we have had cancer it is so easy to attribute every pain to the disease. To be frank it sounds more like the problem is circulatory with the back pain & tingling in both arms and the high blood pressure. It's hard for me to say as I do not know what treatment you have had for your cancer. But no matter what the tests show just take a big breath & get on with your life either cancer free or having to fight the fight again like I have had to do. You will be amazed at the inner strength you can find no matter from what source you attribute that strength. Some get it from within themselves & some from their beliefs in a higher power. I know you can face whatever the tests bring but I pray for a good outcome for you.

Lots of love to you.


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