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Waiting for results of my bonescan!!

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago and had surgery November 2, 2000. I had 17 lymph nodes removed and 13 contained cancer. I am finished with my 4 Adriamycin and 4 Taxol treatments, but I am still receiving Herceptin once a week until March 2002. I also had my mamo and everything came out well. I have been doing really well, maintained a positive attitude and am feeling very good. I had a bonescan today and for some reason I am having a hard time keeping positive while waiting for the results. I keep thinking I feel pain in my legs. Everyone (family and friends) keep saying it will be okay and I keep thinking what if it isn't. I don't want to go through this again!! Have any of you experienced this while waiting for results. Please share! Thanks!

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Hi. You didn't say if the bone scan was routine or are you actually having some real pain in bones? It is perfectly normal to be anxious, and I believe everyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer develops a phobia about any ache or pain or unusual occurance ever after!!! Remember this rule of thumb; if ache or pain or whatever lasts over two weeks - then you can worry a bit. Keep your faith and stay strong. Let us know what you find out. We will all be praying for a positive outcome.
Hugs, Brenda

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Thanks so much for responding to my message. The bone scan was routine, but about a week before my thighs were aching. I started to think it was all in my mind. The pain comes and goes. Hopefully, I will find out results tomorrow. I will let everyone know. I have decided to put this in Gods hands, so that I don't drive myself crazy. Thanks again!!!

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I am so happy everything came out well for you. I have decided to put this in Gods hands. Hopefully, I will find out tomorrow. I will let everyone know. Thanks again for the support!!

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Hi! Welcome to the site. I think we all go through anxieties awaiting results from any test and we all feel anxious with each ache and pain we have. It's very normal as long as you don't let it run your life. I,too, had a bone scan a few weeks ago and was anxious until the final results were in. Thank god it was normal and all that worry for nothing. I'm sure all will be fine. RELAX!! Keep in touch. HUGS!! Cathy

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I am so happy for you that your scan came back well. Hopefully, I will know tomorrow about mine. I have decided to put this in Gods hands. I will let everyone know what the results are. Thanks again for the support!!

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Hi,Welcome if you are a newcomer to this site. I am fairly new to it myself. It is hard waiting for the results of all the tests. I think we all get nervous and let our thoughts get the best of us. I know when I had my first mamo after surgery in April oo this year one year after being diagnosed while I was there waiting they came back and said we have to do another one we saw somthing. I prayed lord please don't let this be I do not want to go thru this again.
But I know if I had to he would be beside me all the way. It is a scary thing waiting for those answers,I will be praying for you. Please keep your chin up and think positive. We are all here for you. God Bless You Debbie

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Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It means so much. I have decided to put this in Gods hands. Hopefully, I will know results tomorrow. I will let everyone know. Thanks again!

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Dear Luella
Being one of the oldest subscribers to this site (apologies to Nanacy who was here before me)& still undergoing treatment for mets after a 20 year + survival perhaps I can shed some light.
Bone scans only show activity in the bones. That activity can be from many sources other than cancer so if there is a black spot (that's how it shows on a bone scan) don't be too alarmed. Activity can also be healing activity as well as worsening activity. Also arthritis & damage to the bones for other reasons also shows on the scan. All it means is that more investigation is needed perhaps by way of MRI or CT scan. You should see my bone scan. It is black spots from top of neck to mid femurs but I am still fighting. So I wish you the best of results & wanted just to say don't be too alarmed if it shows something. After all your treatments there is bound to be healing going on & the older we are the longer that healing takes. Love to you & praying for you.


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