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Mets in liver

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Hi everyone it's lilmermaid. In February I was diagnosed with mets in my liver. My doctor put me on Taxol. I was supposed to stay on Taxol for the rest of my life but a cat scan in June showed the tumor got bigger and an MRI also showed that the mets in my spine got worst so the doctor took me off of Taxol and put me on AC. I have had 5 AC treatments and am going to have the maximum of eight. One day I was talking to a friend who told me she knew a woman who had colon cancer that spread to her liver and the doctors in this area told her that the only option she had was chemo. She did some research and went to Sloan Kettering and they operated on the tumor and took out the tumor and the liver rejenerated itself. The woman died five years later but she got an extra five years. I called my niece and told her about this woman and she said that just that week she heard of another woman who had cancer that metestasized to her liver and she had it operated on. It came back a five years later but she also got five more years to her life. I was wondering if anyone has a similar problem, of has known any one or heard of anyone with this type of cancer and if there was any alternative for them other than chemo. I would like to know if anyone has had their liver operated on. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Love and prayers Sylvia

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