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Relief from Hot Flashes

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I started Tamoxifen in June and have experienced Chemopause. I have hot flashes and night sweats "big time". I started taking Remifemin because I heard it was safe for Estrogen + BC suvivors. It contains an herb called Black Cohosh. It seemed to help with the flashes a little. Then in a conversation with a friend having menapause flashes she told me she takes Black Cohosh tablets ... 500 mg. The Remifemin only has 20mg. I bought a bottle of Black Cohosh 540mg at WalMart for half the price of the Remifemin. I took one at night and it helped a lot with the sweats so I'm taking one at night and one in the morning as well. I checked the internet for information and it appears to be safe ... but WARNING ... I did not talk to my Oncologist yet so I do not have the go ahead with it or with the dosage. If anyone has talk to an Ocologist or GYN about it I'd love to hear what they have said.

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I have been having terrible hot flashes to and I am taking tamoxifen also. I tried the remifemin for 6 months I didn't get much relief so I talked to my oncolgist and she had me try evening primrose 1300mg. black cohosh 1000mg. and vitamin E 8oomg. I just started taking the e.p. and the b.c. a little over a week ago so we will see how it goes. I got them at the gnc store. Maybe you could check with your Dr. and see if it is alright for you to take these. I wish you the best because I know they are awfull.
And of course I turn beet red when I get one so everyone knows when I am having one so everyone knows when I am having one.
You take care God bless

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Thanks for the info. I am going to add the evening primrose and vitamin e. I heard evening primrose can help with weight lose and I have gained a lot of weight since the chemo and Tamoxifen. I'm glad to hear you have a doctor that will explore these alternatives. Jamie

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I also take tamoxofen and had terrible hot flashes. My oncolgist does not want me to take black cohosh or the nutritionist. I am now taking Avlimil, NO hot flashes. There is only a small amount of cohosh. My Dr. OK'd this all natural dietary supplement. My breast cancer was Estrogen produced. Check with your Dr. and do some investigating on black cohosh if your cancer was estrogen produced. There are other natural herbs in Avlimil. Cohosh is last.

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