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This Tuesday I go to the surgeon to get my port out. I am almost one year out of treatment. I don't know why but I feel safer leaving it in. It is almost like if it is out then I might need it again. I don't know if this makes any sense,but it feels better to talk about it.Keep me in your prayers.


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There is security in what we know. The unknown is scary. It is perfectly normal to feel scared when treatment is done. We get used to seeing the doctor all the time and feel secure they will take care of any situation that pops up. After treatment we worry something will happen and it will take too long to discover it. We have all gone through that scenerio. Time will help, but you have to give yourself time. You will relax and enjoy your freedom. Everyday I didn't feel quite right - too tired, nauseated, etc. I had those little doubts creep in. Just fight them as well as you battled cancer and you'll get through with flying colors. Keep the faith. God doesn't take back His healing, but we sometimes let Satan talk us out of it.

Have a great day and remember we are here for you and you are in our prayers.

God Bless,

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I finally figured out how to answer your note. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.I know that I can do all things thru christ who strengthens me. Some times I just take my eyes off of him and focus on the other things. He has brought me thru some really tuff trials but I do know he was there with me. I cling to his promises.It is different not running to the DRs. and for different tests all the time. I think sometimes I have to much time to think. I am so glad that I found this survivors network what a blessing to be able to share all your feelings fears and to have people who understand.
God Bless you

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Hi Maud,
I also have a single lumen port which was installed in July. Although my chemo has just ended, my nurse manager has suggested I leave it in for a while longer. I'm anxious to get it out because It's a constant reminder of the chemo. I also don't like the lump it shows on my skin. I'm sure that if you will need any tests, they can do it the old fashion way through your arm. Think of the removal as another step in the healing process.


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Hi, Maud, of course you feel safer under treatment. This is a common reaction and very understandable. You are doing something and when they say so long, go back to your life, its like, what? What life? ha ha, all will look better in a few weeks. You are most certainly in my prayers, God keep you safe in His arms! Love, Shirley

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