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Good news nothing found

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Well I found out that tests showed nothing and unfortunately I have had a very bad week. I feel everything I have fought so hard for is slipping. I don't feel well at all and not very positive in the least.
Don't know what to say anymore. Just wished that magical day came for me. (with a tear)
I am off work for the next couple weeks and going to get to the bottom of this. I have gone as far as I can carry me. Now it is time to heal.
I don't think I will be around as much but I will be reading. Keep on girls. Every breath is a good one.
I will be good to me and do the best that I can. I will let you know if I learn anything further that is one thing I will always do.
Thanks for encouragements to come they always do.
Be good to yourself first,

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Hi Tara,
I am glad nothing bad was to be found, and sad you're feeling down... Can you maybe rent happy movies to help get you through this ? I have seen "the journal of Bridget Jones" recently, it is really good.

However sometimes we need to get to the bottom of our sorrow, let tears flow, even with no obvious reason... I heard a great French actress and movie maker a few weeks ago on the radio. She was a kid during the second world war, and she has been fighting for women's rights for many years. She said one of the best advice she ever received was, "cherish your sorrow, go deep in it, become its friend, let it teach you." Weird, isn't it ?

I wish I could help you, I will think a lot about you. You are a wonderful person, and I hate to see you hurt.

With big giant hugs from Switzerland,
Your friend Cathy

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Tara, I have not been on the site as much as I used to be and missed your posts. I re read your posts this morning to see what has been going on. You sound like you are looking up from the bottom of a well, and that is NOT Tara. From time to time we do get discouraged and our minds and bodies are just tired of dealing with feeling less than 100%. What tests were run to find the source of your stomach pain? Keep after those doctors until they find something or find there is nothing to worry about. You are strong and your days will be brighter. Do as Cathy said and rent some good movies, eat good food and surround yourself with good friends. If you like to read, get involved with a good book and whatever else you do, keep typing to us on this site. Words do make us all feel better. They make you feel better to vent and they make all of us feel better when we respond and offer help. You are valued and loved. Sending you my love, Nancy

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Tara! Great news! Glad you're medically stable. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble within yourself. We all have moments of upset,some more than others. Do as everyone else has suggested. Do for Tara! Cry, laugh, party, sleep, travel,whatever it takes to get back to feeling good about yourself. I've missed our chats on line! Try to keep us informed about you.Your kind words have helped many! HUGS!!! Cathy

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Hi there Tara,
Glad you got a good report. Hey even (TARA) is allowed a few down days just allow it. Sometimes it helps us see what we do have that is good...a rest certainly cant hurt now can it. I find myself wondering all the time WHYYYYY did i want to push myself back out into a "NORMAL" life so quick. I find days at work when literlly i can hardly sit in my chair im so tired. And guess what...ive found out that when i push myself to hard i get sick, yes physically sick. So take a break mentally and physically...you know where to find me if you need a shoulder ive expressed how i feel to you so dont be afraid to do the same OK!!! OK then its settled. Now rest love yourself and know that others out here love you to. GET WELL....
Hope to hear from you soon
Love goes out to you

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Hi Tara,

I went back to your web page and read that the doctor said nothing but a fibrous cyst until 8 nmonths later you found it was not benign. I think you're having a lot of anxiety that maybe this is another mistaken diagnosis. Anxiety when it is overwhelming often seems like depression because this - 'Oh, it's nothing' MAY be reminding you of that time.

Go to Google.com and read about stomach trouble - keep after the doctor if you feel not satistfied with the test on Friday.

For me, the more anxious I get the more my stomach and intestines bother me.

Wishing you time to relax and enjoy yourself with some friends - hoping that you'll soon feel better.We will be pulling for you and praying for you because you, Tara, have been one of the most faithful boosters of the rest of us when we have a question or a worry. I care about you and send love and some comforting hugs.


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HI Tara - Sorry to hear that you are so down - you need to stop looking down and start looking up. I know that sometimes it is mind over matter and hard for us, but my prayers will be with you. Remember, when you look up, you will see the sunshine, flowers and all the other beauty that the Good Lord has given us. Please come "UP" for all of us. Lucy

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Dear Tara:
Maybe you can step back and see things from a different angle and that will help you as much as anything. Meditation, praying, reading inspirational words - just going out and doing something different - seeing new places and faces - just sorting out priorities. God bless you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs, Brenda

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Hi Tara:

I just read your post of November 3rd. I do
hope you're feeling better by the time you
read this response.

I'm wondering if you know what has got you in
such a blue mood? Is it that you're afraid that something really is there and just hasn't been discovered yet? Are you afraid that you just can't go through it again? If we can name what's bothering us we can often better figure out a way to address it. I
think we all feel down at one point or
another. Fears are always going to be with
us...next week, next year or even 10 years
from now. I don't think we can ever completely be free of them. One cannot go where we've been and come out the other side
without lingering fears and concerns. At least I haven't met anyone yet who has been
able to do it. Perspective is what we want
most, I think.

It's a full time effort to stay "up" and positive and I've found that it takes a lot
of different resources. As some of the other ladies have suggested, try reading, if you enjoy it or maybe try a new hobby that you find relaxing and interesting.
If you're physically able, Yoga can be very
helpful. The breathing rythms can help lead
you to a brighter place every day. You may want to try going to hear some good motivational speakers, if that interests you.
Or try some of the motivational tapes or the
"sound conditioning" tapes. I have one with
the sounds of the ocean and it really relaxes me. I play it sometimes at night when I'm going to sleep because I like it so much. (My husband has come to like it too.)

I don't believe that it's so terrible to be
down for a few days...sometimes our strength
just needs a little break and some rebuilding. If you find that you just can't
shake it though, after a week or so, please
get some help in getting back up. You cannot
stay there you know. Our immune system needs
our "attitudes" to be positive in order to function it's best for us. I beleive this is
one of the ways we can best help our bodies to heal. We have to give our thoughts
and feelings priority attention so that we can BE positive. I call this attention to our emotions "babying" ourselves. That's how it feels to me because before bc, I wasn't in the habit of taking a lot of time just to work on ME. We HAVE to pull ourselves back up and do whatever it takes to get there. Everything else has to be put on hold if necessary.

You can and will do it. I am sure of it.

If there is any way I can help you at all please e-mail me here. We are all finding our way as we journey onward and one thing we're good at, is sharing. None of us ever need suffer in silence when we have one another.

You're in my heart and thoughts and I send
you good wishes.

Love, light and laughter,

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