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Hi Dear Friends,
They took out both drains and my CVC this morning! And great news from my pathology report...I am cancer free! From the tissue they took there was one positive lymph node and a 2mm tumor but they are gone and I am on my way to a long healthy life! I am so excited I want to scream to the world! Thank you all for all your prayers and helping me get this far.

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Many prayers for you are now for a very long and happy new life! Go out and get it! Sharon

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Tracy, I am soooooooo happy for you!!! It's so WONDERFUL! There just doesn't seem to be any words to adequately describe it!

Just wallow in it, soak it all up and never,
ever lose it!

Love,light and laughter,

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Great News, Tracy! It is a wonderful feeling to be done with treatment. "Mama" says don't overdue anything before you are healed from surgery.

Stay in touch.
Love and hugs, Jean

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Tracy, that is great news ! How wonderful ! I am very happy for you. I had a feeling all day that Life is beautiful : the trees are turning all kinds of neat colors, my husband and daughter were here with me... then I come home and read your great news. Wow ! It couldn't get any better !

Take good care of yourself,
Big hugs,

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HI Tracy - I am so very glad to hear your good news and definitely rejoice with you. Now you can look forward to a speedy recovery and putting your life back to normal for you and your family. Thanks for letting us know your good news and I wish you a great future. Lucy

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Congratulations!!!!! When the doctor told me the same news we went to the North Shore and I stood on the rocks and yelled into the waves "I beat it!"... what a release!! I know exactly how you feel!! I'm so happy for you!

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God bless you Tracy and praise His mighty name for your good news.
Hugs and prayers, Brenda

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