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Does it ever get easier??

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I feel like it's set back after set back. I am in remission for almost 1 year,we shall see after my scans next month. I just feel like I keep having set backs. Every time I think I feel like "ME" again, I have a set back. It can get pretty depressing. With a low immune system I can't fight colds like I used to, I'm always tired. My new dilemma is I have a swollen face. Thyroid has been ruled out! I am going to see an Allergy Doctor. As a child I had little allergies to pets/mold. I just feel like now since I've had the Hodgkins I am so prone to getting things. Anyone experience severe allergies after treatment? Anyone else have these ups and downs? I'm sure many of you out there have! I feel like I'm sinking at times. I'm only 29 and I wish I could get back to feeling like I was! Does it get any better?????????????

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Yes, things get better. I have been in remission for 3 years. It takes time but you will feel like your old self in time. Each person is different. What I did was to say active and do the things I like to do. The best thing to make yourself feel better is to start taking short walks and eat alot of fruit. These helped me get back quicker.


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Yes it does get easier with time. I have been in remission for 2 years. Some days I feel good, some days I feel bad.
I have terriable allergies now. Never had problems before chemo. ALso somehow ended up being lactose intolerient since. And am still having female problems. Might be early menopause. I'm only 35.
My motto is that all the small problems are a small price to pay to be alive!!!
Take Care.

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When mys sister went through treatment for Hodgkins, she ended up with a numerous number of new allergies. It is not uncommon for this to occur, so don't let it get you down too much. One way to think about feeling like "you" again is to accept that this is now a new chapter in your life, you will never be like you were before, but a stronger more determined person.

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hi, my name is nikki and I am 29 also and have been in remission for almost 2 years. I am married and have a 6 year old son and I know what you mean by always catching colds and being tired.I just want to tell you that your not alone. Every month that goes by I feel healthier.email me anytime.

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Yes, tamis, it does. I had 6mos of chemo 8years ago now, and like you was sick for almost another year. For me, the drugs did a number on my lower intestine....
After that first year, I started working out regularly, and I've never been as strong or in as good of shape as I am now!

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Yes. And sometimes it's a struggle again. It takes a while to build yourself up again. I still get very tired... fatigued is a better word. Get support, be gentle with yourself. You didn't get here overnight. And, as trite as this sounds, just keep going. You probably will never be the same old you again. But maybe a newer, better(wiser) you. This helped me: If I have to deal with the yucky, what good can come of it for me? (What meaning? Life changes? Thrills?) And when you're angry or sad, be that too! Hang in there.

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if your thyroid was radiated by accident cause a tumor was close by........ask the doctor to check your vitamin d levels.......the radiaton cuased me to have secondaryhyperparathyrodism....say that 3 times real fast..lol..i take vitamin d supplements prescribed by my doctor it helped immensely..i felt like you did for 7 yrs til they found it ..hope i helped

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Reading this post I feel as if I wrote it myself! I'm 27 married with TWIN2 year old and a three yearold!...I was diagnosed 8 months ago and am in full remission but I feel horrible and my white count 3 mnth post chemo is still only 2.5.....people do say it gets better...errrr I hope so

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