Kidney Problem

36walter Member Posts: 5
Hello all, I am happy to have found you.
Diagnosed in 1977 stage 2B, in remission in 1988 after MOPP and radiation treatments.
Long term side effects: thyroid knocked out of whack and taking synthroid, susceptibility to flu, leaking heart valve and hole in the pericardium (sp?) the sac that holds the heart.., pre-mature menopause at age 33 (thankfully right AFTER the birth of my son)My problem is this, for a year, I have had abdominal pain. I started with a gyn who found nothing and now my physician is having me go for rounds of tests. During this, they found cysts in my kidneys. Has anyone else had this happen? And also, the pain in my abdomen is NOT near my kidney and persists.. Has anyone had anything similar and can they point me in the right direction towards getting this taken care of?
Thanks a million.