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question's on reconstruction

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It has been 3 week's since my breast inplants were done. They did the saline ones just want to know they are still somewhat firm like the tissue expanders does this soften in time or should I just know this is how it is. When they do the nipple maybe it will seem more like a boob right now they are my muffins. Sharon

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Hi Sharon,

Sorry it has taken me this long to reply to your question. Frankly, I was hoping someone else would. I don't want to discourage you. I have silicon implants since mine are now 8 years old. The implant on the mastectomy side is still pretty firm. It has softened up over time though. The one of the left for augmentation is very soft. Just give them time. Most women do not have the difficulty that I experienced. Mine encapsulated and I had to have them redone 3 times. But hey, third time was the charm. Let me know how you progress. Keep your faith working. The nipple surgery does make it all come together. I did not have the tatoo, but I would recommend it to others. It just makes everything seem normal again, if that is possible. I don't even think about mine anymore.

Does your plastic surgeon have the names of other patients you can talk with? I know mine did and that was a big help. Just like this site is a big help - to get other women's experiences and advice.

Good luck and God bless,

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Kathy thank you for your input I will just try to be patient this is new after 1 year of expanders and I guess I was in hopes of this soft tissue oh well I would still have it done. Sharon

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