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A special thank you !!!

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Joined: Jun 2001

I would like to take a moment to stop and thank ALL of you for your openness and loving careing attitudes. As some of you know i didnt have breast cancer but the other BC (brain cancer) not many others with that out there to talk to. I guess you could say im the red headed step child of your discussion group. I read your entries every morning and talk to some of you in chat finding we have alot in common even with different types of cancer. Ive returned to work now (moved on as they say) however there is still a part of me that will never leave and that is the rememberance of having cancer and all the emotions and pain that can be associated with it. Ive encounterd many bumps in the road but find it a comfort to read that alot of you all have encountered the same things and find the strength to keep on keeping on. I would like to send out a SPECIAL THANK YOU because you touch so many lives and help so many with your openness, your not even aware of. And IM ONE OF THEM =)
Again thank you.
I wish you wellness and continue taking care of each other.

Love Belinda

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Belinda, Your message sounds like you are saying goodbye. I tried to find your other posts to read about your cancer, but did not find you. Just wanted to tell you that you are a remarkable recovery story and should give each and every one of us here a lot of hope and a positive outlook for our future. So...The special thank you, goes to YOU. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and others here on the site. Love, Nancy

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