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Breast Cancer on Mastectomy Site

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I have breast cancer that has spread to my bones. It has also been visible on my skin since this January in the area where they did the mastectomy three years ago. At first the oncologist was sending me for radiation treatments to take care of the skin, but since I'm so far "advanced" with the breast cancer, he's concentrating on more chemo instead of radiation. Anyway, the "angry" spots are beginning to have shooting pains, but the very worst is that they itch constantly. I have actual pills for itching, but they make me drowsy & of course, I do need to function once in a while. I can't put on a messy cream or calamine lotion because of pain when I try to wash the area....I think that would just make a yucky mess! Can anyone recommend a spray anti-itch or even a spray anesthetic I could use? My oncologist can't think of anything. Thanks!

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I don't know of the effectiveness of either of these products, but Benadryl makes a spray for itch and Solarcaine makes a spray for sunburn that has xylocaine for the pain. There may be some other over the counter medications. I suppose you were looking for prescription. If you get real desperate, ask the oncologist to call a vet. They make all kinds of medications (some the exact of human form ) for animals. I know I have a spray antibiotic for my dog. Good luck. You are in my prayers.

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One thing that didn't kick me good but was tired all the time through treatments. The one piece of advice my radiologist gave was don't use any any soap except very mild. And DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL AFTER THE WHOLE TREATMENTS. I listened, no problem.
After treatments recommended to use WATER BASE CREAM could only find one perscription. I searched. I was burned.
Hope it eases for you Kathy. Take care...

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