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This is my kind of SUPPORT

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I never really felt comfortable being around people I didn't know talking about me. Since get hooked to the net and finding this place I truly feel connected as a person. For years life didn't really mean anything...
I went along and a sang my song, did my work. Now life speaks to me and I often don't know what to do about it.
I come here and feel the arms envelope me and I know I can say anything. You have become such Good friends. I needed some of those as well.
Thanks to you all I feel whole again.
Thank YOU,

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Good Morning, Tara! You expressed my sentiments, too. I have always been the "shoulder" that everyone seeks out when they have problems, but I rarely spoke of myself. After finding this site, I am more confident in speaking to others about myself and breast cancer. In fact, as soon as my first year is up (next July) I plan to become a Reach-to-Recovery volunteer. There are some truly great people on this site!

Stay focused and stay positive. And remember to smile...you never know...the woman who receives your smile may actially be in our situation and may REALLY NEED that pleasant gesture!

God's Peace Always,

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Hi Tara:
I went to chat with you guys just a few minutes ago and I apologize that I didn't respond to you. When I chose "chat", I went to the page but couldn't find the "box" for typing! I tried several times and just couldn't access it. I tried the option of a private chat and even that didn't work. What am I doing wrong???
This is the first time I've tried the chat feature and must be missing something.
At any rate, hope you're feeling well and perhaps we can chat another time, IF I can
get into it correctly.

Love, light and laughter,

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Joined: Mar 2001

I saw you in there I tried to get you. I know exactly what your problem is. When you click into chat you see something happen but your left staring at your screen want to change. You have entered chat, it took me many tries INK to get it but look at the bottom br and poof I bet you will see it. Then you click on to the page and it is truly there. I look forward to chatting with you I have seen read your post like I have everyone, except the very odd one, since April.
Inkblot. You will be surprised how long the well done lasts for. I still have a good mark and it has been years. It does fell better though.
Look for you next time.

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