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I'm Well Done!!!

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Hi Everyone:

I just finished my last radiation treatment today! And when I say I'm "well done", I mean it! Ha. The whole breast phase wasn't too bad and began healing immediately afterward. The "boost" phase, though, has left me quite red and feeling burned but I feel confident that it too will begin to heal quickly.

It's such a joy to have all my treatment behind me! At the outset of the radiation, seven and 1/2 weeks seemed such a long, long time...every single weekday and an hour's drive, roundtrip. Yet, it seems to have passed quickly. Now, I'm looking forward to regaining my pre bc physical strength and expanding upon my increased emotional and spiritual strength. The down side notwithstanding, bc does offer some tremendous lessons for living and I feel fortunate to have learned some of them.

Aside from check ups, I will see my gyn in
November for a repeat of my August pap, as it
came back Class II. There doesn't appear to be any reason for concern about that and I feel so great, there are no words! I just had to share my milestone with all of you and
tell you how fortunate I feel to have found this site, back near the end of my chemo. Overall, it's a very positive place to go and share thoughts, feelings and treatment experiences. All of us here are blessed and our lives are enriched by our cybersharing,
flowing from a well spring of love and
understanding. Mine certainly has been. Thanks to all of you for just being here and being the wonderful people that you are. I look forward to continuing to communiate with all of you, no matter where we are in treatment/recovery.

Love, light and laughter,

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Hi Inkblot,

I am glad you're done, and that you are so happy to be alive ! Yep, bc does teach us a few things... Remember to take time for yourself, to have fun, and this wonderful "alive" feeling will last a long time...

I am sending you tons of hugs from Switzerland,

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Hi Cathy:

Thanks for sharing my joy and for the encouraging words!

It's truly wonderful that you're doing so well and what a powerful example to us all
on the value of taking excellent care of ourselves, post treatment. You're proof that we can feel and live even better post bc
than pre bc!

I guess I'm technically a survivor now but in
real terms, I think we're all survivors from the day of our diagnosis and ever after!

Love, light and laughter,

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Congratulations. So glad you completed your treatments. Now we can all move onward.

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