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Surgery sceduled

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Well everyone,
This is it. I will have the mesectomy next Friday, October 26. They did all my pre op testing today and everything is a go. I am terrified. I am so ready to get the catheter out of my chest and then I'll have the drain tube. I just want my body back! They say I will only be in the hospital overnight and then have the drain for like 2 weeks. Then they said when I have mobility back in my arm I can return to work. All this will be followed by 6 weeks of radiation. I will write again when it is all over. I thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

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Hi Tracy,

I am so glad for you that finally you are close to being finished with this long ordeal. I am surprised at 6 weeks of radiation with a mastectomy but I know cancer centers with the latest protocols do give radiation with mastectomy - as the doctor said to me- you still have skin and some tissue there.

I wish you the very best outcome. With all you've been through and getting through it, I can safely predict that getting back mobility in your arm should be the easiest of all!!!!!!

Thanks for keeping us updated because many of us do like to know how people are doing after we know the initial story.

Sending prayers, love and hugs for a quick recovery and the best to your hubby too who I hope continues to improve - and not to forget the twins - hope they are fine too.

You'll be in my thoughts,

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Tracy, you will be my prayers and hope that all goes well with your surgery. I was petrified of having my surgery but believe me it turned out to be the easier than i had anticipated.. I was up and moving my arm the next morning,even went to lunch with my best friend !! Just hang in there cause you have all of us behind you praying !! God Bless..Karin

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Dear Tracey
Best of luck for your mastectomy. When I had mine 21 years ago I was in for 8 days so things have changed. Just remember to be very strict with yorself about doing the arm exercises after to get back mobility even if you are screaming in pain. It really works especially the climb the wall with yor fingers one. If you don't do these you will end up with lymphoma & a very stiff armpit. Thinking of you & let us know how it all went.
Lots of love.

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Tracy! Good luck next week with your surgery. You'll do fine. Are you having reconstruction at the same time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep us informed. HUGS!! Cathy

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HI Tracy - I wish you the best with your masectomy surgery next week. I know you will be glad when everything is over and you are able to get your body back to normal. I had my masectomy a year ago in May, and have recuperated very well. Just remember to do those arm exercises every day and the wall climbing one is a very important one. My grandson used to do that one with me, he got a big kick out of it. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery. God Bless You - Lucy

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Good luck. I was only in the hospital overnight when i had my mast. I only had the drains in for 5 days, had surgery on wed and the drains removed on the following monday. Your arm won't move to well at first, you just have to ease it into moving again. Ask the doc for the exerices, they help alot. Take it slow and you'll have full use of your arm before you know it.
God Bless

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Hi Tracy:

You've gone through so much to get to this point and although I know you are very scared, try to think of it as some light as you near the end of the tunnel.

Since it's impossible to remove every bit of breast tissue, the radiation makes good sense
and is just one more rung on your ladder
to good health.

I have to share with you that a friend of mine had mastectomy and just a week later, she was at the barn with her horses. She began to climb a fence (that's just the way she is) and her drain fell out! She cleaned everything well, put the drain back in and carried on! This, I could never have attempted, but it's just another example of how our spirits lead us to rise up and do
something that makes us happy, even in the most difficult of times.

I've marked my calendar and you will be in my thoughts on the 26th. I'll be sending lots of love, positive thoughts and good wishes your way.

Love, light and laughter,

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Dear Tracy:
You are still in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and give you the strength you need to get through the surgery with flying colors!
With hugs and prayers, Brenda

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Hello Tracy! You will be just fine, girl!! I had a masectomy this past April and had all 4 rounds of chemo. I will "hold good thoughts for you". Love you good, Rose

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Hi Tracy,

I had a mastectomy and tram flap breast reconstruction 2 years ago this Nov. 9. I too was terrified. It took a while, longer than I expected to fully recover the range of motion in my arm but it is 100% now. I have returned to all my regular activities, including tennis, and all forms of exercise. I feel great for the time being and hope that I don't have a relapse. Don't be discouraged if it takes a while to get back to normal-- it will happen. My doctor was wonderful and sent me for physical therapy. That made a huge difference. I would suggest that you ask for that. I have a new respect for physical therapists and their work.I will remeber you next Friday. Take care
Kathy G.

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Hi, hang in there! I am 3 years post what you are going thru, except I only had a lumpectomy. I worked thru my radiation. I scheduled it for 3:30pm and left work at 3:00pm, then after, (it only takes a few minutes) I went home. I got along fine. I was tired in the evening, but it was really not bad at all. I was lucky, my skin stayed just fine except I got a real good tan! Looked silly, only on one side. Don't be afraid, this will be a war story one day, God bless you! Shirley

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