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Last chemo !!!!

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Hello, just wanted to say that I've finished my last chemo and will start Hormone treatment this week. I met with the oncologist last week and he said I could opt to do another round of chemo, Taxol, but he said I was borderline and he said that the choice was mine, he explained that it would give me a small percentage in my favor of not having a reoccurence but it was a small number, I chose not to do it. I had one lymph node that was positive and had a radical masectomy in June, I feel confident that it will all be ok and that I did chemo as a precautionary measure to be sure no cells escaped during surgery, who knows if I needed to even do that. Like the oncologist said "he only wishes he had a crystal ball" but I chose to do chemo in case..chemo was terrible and I coulnd't imagine doing any more, but I also don't want Cancer back. I know now I will be watched very carefully now so I'm hoping I made the right decision. The oncologist told us that if he felt it was totally necessary he would have recommended me to have it. Now everyday I think about "if I made the right decision" and its really hitting me now that I even had cancer,as I had gone through the last six months it was a blurrrrrrr...I just pray and thank god everyday that all is well now and that I continue to stay in good health and free from cancer....I also have been told about some shot,not sure of the name,but it will stop menstral cycles for five years,its another thing I can opt to do..has anyone heard of this, and side effects ?? not sure about it too much. thanks for all your support . god bless all of you.....karin

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I did the same thing that you did. I refused the Taxol treatment and wondered the same as you, did I make the right decision. I am sure that I did. I didn't want to do anymore chemo either. I got sick enough with the A/C. My onco told me the same thing, if I really needed it, she would have been more persistant in making me take it. I only had one node positive as well and opted to have my right breast removed as well, no cancer in it, but don't want to take the chance of it coming back either. Feel confident in your decision. Not sure on the shot you are talking about. Was your cancer hormone related? Mine wasn't, but am going to have a hysterectomy in the near future. Lost my mom and grandmother to ovarian and uterine. THey had both. TAke care of yourself! Carrie

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Dear Karin:
I believe you have made the right choice about the Taxol. I have read several reports on different cancer research sites that say there is no solid proof that the extra Taxol has any benefits to make it worth the risk to take it. I do not know about the shot you referred to. I would really like more info - something about interfering with mother nature even more sounds 'iffy' at best to me.
Congratulations of getting through the other chemo. There is more life after the chemo and it feels great!
Hugs and prayers,

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Dear Karin
I think you made the right choice. Taxol is very hard on the body & can produce some long term bad side effects like nerve damage to the lower limbs & feet. They always keep a crash cart nearby when they administer Taxol here as there are a lot of allergic reactions to it. As you have had the radical mastectomy & A/C I think you have done all that is necessary. It sounds like he is recommending Tamoxifen or Megace as a follow up for 5 years. They will both cause a menopause but have proven results in cutting back the recurrence rate of Breast Cancer. They work by interfering with estrogen production which feeds the cancer cells if you are estrogen positive. You need to be tested for this befre embarking on a 5 year course of Tamoxifen as if you are not ER+ it will not do you any good & will cause an early menopause. If you have completed your family this is not so bad as there is plenty of non-hormonal help there to get you through the hot flashes if you get them. Talk to your oncologist & ask all the necessary questions. You need to be well informed about this decision. Keep in touch. Lots of Love. Pam

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