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Facial Hair?

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Hi, I finished chemo in July, radiation on Friday. Hair is starting to come back but it also appears to be coming in on the sides of my face.....Has anyone else had this happen or can I expect to look like Santa by December?? Please help......

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We're about on the same schedule. I finished chemo 7/13 and radiation 9/24 and yes,I've noticed where I used to have a very short sparse colorless down, now it is longer and heavier but still colorless.

I think it was mentioned before on this network that it will get better and go away. I hope so. I know I would be more upset if it was dark, but colorless affects other older women ( of which I am one) who have not had cancer. I am 64 but remember my music teacher when I was in my early teens. She was maybe in her 60's. I have no idea. Everyone over 20 seemed oldER to me then!

Reading Pam's message, we have to put our problem - not life-threatening - in perspective. I assume you are much younger than I (?)

Best wishes, Jean

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I had the same happen to me since I'am a hairdresserIcould of waxed it but did not want to start a new problem. I found if you just use a sissor and cut close to your cheeks not a razor! in maybe 2 growth times it soon slows down and goes back to a normal soft facial hair. Sharon

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i got the same thing. I used an epy lady on my face but the same thing happened to a girlfriend and she asked her surgeon who said "Don't worry it is a side effedt of chem and it will eventually go away" cheers pippi

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I finished my chemo in June and completed radiation in August. I have that darn hair growing my the sides of my face too. I am ignoring it at the moment and when people say something about it I just laugh and say that hair on my face is not gonna hurt me one bit.

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This hair is colorless on my face but when I look in the mirror I see it clearly - reminds me of the start of mutton chops - Oh dear! - but NO ONE has made any comments to me about it.

Letters posted here had said it will go away - I hope so but, like you,know there are worse things we could have. I am thankful I am finished with treatments and feel tired, but otherwise okay.

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