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One year later

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Hi all: It is one year now since I discovered the lump that turned out to be invasive lobular carcinoma, with node involvement. I have had AC chemo, two operations...a partial and then a full mastectomy, and topped it all off with three weeks of radiation. I now have a nice crop of curly hair, am back at work at my store full time, and am begining to tuck away the memories of all my treatments and discomfort. Since I hadn't been here for a while I have completed my web page if anyone cares to see the recounting of the process I went through. I am sure this site is still providing much support for each of you, as it did for me. My email is sueholm@uniserve.com if anyone wants to know more about lobular carcinoma. Take care...Susan from Merritt, BC, Canada

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Hi Sue, Sooo good to see your post. I have thought of you often and am happy to hear you are doing well. It was one year ago that some of us started this "journey" together. My hair is pixie length, but I describe it as "fuzzy". Not very attractive. When I wake up in the morning, it is fuzzed all over my head and standing straight up in the air. My hair grows quite slowly but it is coming back. Are you keeping in touch with Rosa? Going to check out your revised web page now. Love to you, Nancy

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I agree with Nancy. So lovely to hear from old friends. It was just over a year ago I was re-diagnosed with recurrence & met all of you for the first time. So many old friends have had their treatment & got on with their lives it is lovely to hear from some of them & know ther is hope for us all still in treatment. My hair too is starting to grow in again & I have a curly patch at the back. Very grey of course. Love to everyone. Pam

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Hi Sue! I've been thinking about you recently. I, too, just passed my 1 year mark! My date was Sept. 11! I will not only remember that date because of my surgery but now because of the terrorism that hit us here in NY. I think the Cancer has been easier than this new trauma. Luckly, I don't know anybody involved but my heart goes out to all people. I ,too, am doing well. Have had 6 surgeries and 1 more minor procedure left. I've never been so concerned about my appearance as I am now. I am happy with the outcome! I'm playing tennis at least 1 time per week, Walking on the treadmill nightly and going to the gym at least 2 times a week for strengthening. I'm better now than before BC. Keep in touch! HUGS!! Cathy

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Dear Susan:
Congratulations! I have had a tough day--a tough week even -- so your news is just what I need to give me a real smile. Keep up the good work.
Brenda from Atlanta, Georgia

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