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Breast Cancer/Eyes

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Hi Everyone,
I went for a routine eye exam yesterday. the optometrist said when my new glasses come in, he wants use drops and take some pics of the inside of my eyes because breast cancer sometimes mets there. He did a good exam yesterday, complete with some drops and checking the eyes closely; he said there is no cause for alarm, he just wants to check it out. Has anyone else faced this? It's scary facing mets everytime we go even for a routine check-up on any part of our body, isn't it?
Take care everyone.

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I had an eye exam a couple days ago also. The Dr. asked what kind of cancer I had but didn't say anything about breast cancer going to the eyes. He did look into my eyes a lot longer than usual ... said they looked great. I think it is strange that BC would met to the eyes ... I understand that cancer of any type in the eyes is very different than other cancers. I once read it was the first cancer that they actually identified the cancer DNA. But don't quote me ... I couldn't find the article again. My Oncologist never mentioned eyes ... colon, liver, ovaries, bones ... but not eyes. BUT ... we must not dwell on this because worry doesn't change any thing... take action and take each day as a healthy day ... be vigilent with our treatments, checkups, and preventative measures. I "preach" this message so "I" will do this ... it's tough sometimes ...but so are we!!! God watches over us! Jamie

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That a well-kept secret I guess. As long as the subject was brought up, I then did some research and found that in women breast cancer can go to the eyes - called choroid metastasis - and in men lung cancer is usually the primary cancer which travels to the eyes.

That said, there is nothing to do but hope and pray it will not be our problem. By the way, I was unable to find out how common this is. I will let you know what my eye doctor has to say when I have my first post-cancer eye exam.

Courage to us all! Jean

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Hi, you will never believe this! About a year post all of it, I went to have a crown on a tooth and the dentist found a lump on my tongue. I told him I had never smoked but he did a biopsy and scared me to death all over again. It was nothing but it sure brought back a lot of miserable memories. I guess we will just have to get used to being scared to death every time we go to the doctor, but I didn't expect to have any trouble with my dentist! Love, Shirley

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