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Are angry emotions normal-or am I being selfish?

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I feel so mixed up with my emotions. One minute I am fine and coping the next I am crying or mad at the world. My mom is going through radiation and I am 8 hrs. away from her. I want to be there but can't. I have a family to care for and a husband. I am offering support through phone calls, e-mails, cards and letters etc.

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Your emotions are going to be mixed up whether you are 8 hrs. or 8 minutes away from her. It is very normal! My wife's adage about fighting her disease was, "90% Faith and the Will to Live and 10% the Art(not science) of Medicine. My prayers and the thoughts of my lovely wife in heaven are with you and your mother. Keep that "Faith" and "Will".

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I surely hope it's normal because I feel the same way. I am a caregiver for my aunt who is battling her 2nd round of cancer/chemo. She also is mildly mentally challenged. She lives 6 hours from me so I feel pulled in all directions. I've been staying with her for about 5 days following her chemo treatments and will continue doing so till she is finished. I don't feel like I have a choice and that in itself makes me angry although I love her as much as my own Mom.

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