Pre- RP surgery jitters

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My wonderful partner is about to undergo an RP on 10/29/01. We have done lots and lots of research, and feel we have made the right decision. I am, all of a sudden, plagued with anxiety, bad dreams and crying. The last thing I want to do is transfer this fear to my partner who is already worried enough.
I really want to do the right thing....I am walking, exercising and meditating, but it seems my sub-conscious is taking over when I try to sleep.
Any support would help.
Thank you, Marcia


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    My husband (Jackb - he just joined this site and this message will read as coming from him!)had the rp almost one year ago - 10/18/00. Although recuperation was sometimes difficult, there was not any day that he regretted having the surgery. There were no overwhelming events in his recuperation - just the daily ordeal of handling the catheter (moving around with it, showering with it, trying to keep the cats from thinking it was a new toy!) and trying to regain strength. He started rebuilding himself by taking s-l-o-w walks around the block and working up to walking a mile.

    I took leave from work to stay home with him for 4 weeks. He really needed to have someone close by, especially while he had the catheter in (about 12 days). I tried to spoil him by giving him breakfast in bed (that got old fast!) and lots of backrubs. After the catheter came out, the incontinence was unpleasant and depressing for him. He thought it would never improve, but, just as his surgeon told us it would, it did. He is a police officer and went back to full duty in 6 1/2 weeks ( a little early, I thought, but it really helped cheer him up to stop feeling like a patient). As you may have read in this discussion group, he just completed a 431-mile bicycle ride yesterday to celebrate his first anniversary.

    Don't be discouraged during the first days post-op. It's amazing how much improvement you will see day by day. If you have any questions, let us know. We'll try to check this site every day or so.
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    Good luck I made it RP with a Gleason count of 8. Prognosis is good for this life time.
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    Marcia, I have just joined the discussion group. I would be interested in hearing about your partner's experience. It is interesting to note that I am where you were in October. I was settled on the RP, then the brain started up again.