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Ice Bound

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Just wanted to share with all of you a great book that I just finished. It's called Ice Bound. Dr. Jerri Neilson wrote about her experiences while being trapped on the South Pole and being diagnosed with breast cancer. It is such a great book and really shows her outlook on life. I recommend that you read it! Great book! You all take care of yourselves! Carrie

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I read Ice Bound and found it fascinating. I really want to know how Dr. Neilson is doing now. Another survivors book that was great was Lance Amstrongs book It's Not About the Bike. He is truly one of my heros. If you read his book you'll see a familiar name ... Latrice ... his chemo nurse was also Dr. Neilsons chemo nurse. Peace to all, Jamie

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I was wondering the same thing about Dr. Neilson Jamie. I wish that I could find out how she was doing as well. I haven't read the Lance Armstrong bio yet, waiting for the library to get it back. TAke care! Carrie

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i will say hands up on that book it gives cool chills i seen the story on health network than when i got computer ,my internet server ask me if i wanted the book i said yeah he mail it to my house i'm half way through its a good book you right when i get through i'm sending it to another person and i will keep a note on all who read it than i will send to my intenet server what agreat job he did by sending that book

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