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Last treatment this Friday

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Hi everyone! I am sosorry I have not been on here in a month. I thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement. I was very sick after my last treatment and ended up back at the hospital. I am fianlly feeling better just in time to have my fourth and final FAC treatment this Friday through Monday. I have tests on October 11 and then will meet with the surgeon October 15. Please pray the tests show improvement and the surgery will go well. John is still unable to return to work and the bills are mounting. We have people trying to help but it is barely making a dent. Yesterday was my husband's and my birthday and today is Patrick and Sydney's! I am so thankful I was well to celebrate and enjoy this time. Will try to do better checking in.

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Hi Tracy,
I hope this last treatment goes better and good luck on the 11th. Congratulations on all the birthdays and many many more for all of you. Tell John we are thinking of him and we send our best to all of you. Take care of yourself and good luck! We'll keep you in our prayers. Let us know how everything is going.
love, judy

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Hi Tracy:

Good luck with your final treatment!!! Hope all goes well on Oct. 15th too.

Hope your husband return's to good health and may return to work soon. My thoughts are with you guys.

Stay positive! Sometimes when things seem to be at their absolute worst, something wonderful and amazing can happen and completely turn it around. Remember, if God
can take care of even the smallest creatures,
He will take care of you too.

Keep us all posted.

Love, light and laughter,

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Dear Tracy:
You are in my thoughts and prayers that God will allow all of this bad luck to turn around for you guys and bring the sunshine back into your lives. Don't worry about the bills, just concentrate on getting both of you well. Love and hug and reassure those precious children that they are dearly loved, and that is more important than material things! You have no idea what an example your reactions to your situation can have on all of those who know you or know of you. I do pray that God will be merciful and shower you with His comforting love. The 4th chapter and 11th verse of Philippians says: "not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." I interpret that to mean when you are in a bad situation to just keep trusting the Lord and not dwell on how bad things are, and the Lord will be with you. I know that seems much easier said than done. It takes a lot of faith, and when you are living in fear---it takes a lot of courage to overcome that fear with faith. If our prayers can get to heaven for you, then trust your own prayers to get there too, and the strength of all these prayers coming together will bring blessings from above on you and yours. My strongest thoughts and sincerest wishes will be with you in the coming days. Please keep us informed. God bless you.
Hugs from Brenda

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Hi Tracy - It was so nice hearing from you and that your last treatment is coming up. I hope you make out okay with this last treatment and it is easier on you than the other ones had been. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing. I want to wish all of your family a happy birthday and you are a lucky girl to have your wonderful family. I wish John lots of luck with his health and return to work soon.
Try not to worry about financial matters, and concentrate on getting yourself better.
My prayers are with you each and every day.
Love, Lucy

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Hi Tracy,

Good Luck Friday. I had my last treatment on a Friday, too. It will be a good feeling, I'm sure to know it is the last one. And will be praying for you for success with surgery etc.

Take care of yourself and continued improvement for your husband too.

Love, Jean

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Dear Tracy,

Good luck with your last treatment. And happy birthday to the gang ! There is always light at the end of the tunnel, I am wishing you and your family the very best. You guys deserve it !

Take care,

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