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Good & Bad news

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Hi everyone. Sorry to have been quiet for so long but I have had more complications as if the pneumonia was not bad enough. After 5th chemo I developed deep vein thrombosis - apparently a side effect of cancer - and had two clots behind my left knee. Very painful & back into hospital again for treatment. I had to have intra muscular (into my flabby stomach) Heparin to thin my blood & then daily Warfarin (developed from rat poison)to lower coagulation to disperse the clots. Was released after 3 days so not to bad apart from being woken at 3am for jabs. Had my LAST chemo yesterday so just starting to feel yukky now. but it's the last & my counts are well down to 88 (from 170 at the start of chemo) & they reckon on an 8 month to 2 year remission before I will need more chemo. It will probably be CMF or Taxol then. So hopefully its back to a fairly normal life for a bit if you don't count daily morphine for the pain & laxatives for the constipation caused by the morphine. But hey I am still alive & kicking.

Rosa is not too good guys & could do with some support she so freely lavishes on us lot. Her tumours are growing again & she had to go to ER last week for bad pain. She still tries to keep cheerful though but I think some personal support letters to her would not go amiss.
Thanks for all your lovely messages and for caring so much. I love you guys.

lots of love & hugs.


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Hi Pam,

So glad to hear your good news of remission for awhile so you can get on with your life. True to your kindness, at the first chance I noticed that you took time to offer information and words of encouragement to others.

I wish you much luck and continued remission and less pain. An aside - you mentioned that you did not have chemotherapy with the initial cancer but I do not think it was done routinely 20 years ago.

Love, Jean
P.S. My last radiation treatment is Monday - what a nice feeling to have chemo and radiation bwehind me - hopefully for a LONG time.

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Amen to that Jean
What a wonderful feeling it will be not to have to log in all those appointments for tests etc. My husband won't know what to do with himself as he has taken keeing me on track as his way of doing something as he can't FIX ME - You know what men are like when they can't do their men are from Mars routine. So I let him take on the planning just to keep him feeling helpful. Now I only have the odd check up & the appointments for my deep vein thrombosis blood tests to bear. Will keep on line though. Bless you. Pam.

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Pam, It always makes my heart happy to read your posts. Wonderful news about remission, lets plan on the 2 years...Pam, thank you for telling all of us here about our little Tiger. I wanted to, but was leaving it up to her. Please, everyone reading this..send Tiger some encouraging words or something funny. Even when she is in pain, she still has such a strong sense of humor. Her light shines so bright. Love to all of you, Nancy

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Hi Pam - What great news to hear that you had your last treatment and now will be on your way to recovery. You have been through so very much and we all really look up to you as you have always been there for all of us. Yes, that darn morphine does bind us up and becomes a real burden. But, yes you are still alive and kicking.
I pray that God will continue to wrap his arms around you and recovery comes quickly.
I am so sorry to hear about Tiger, she has been such a fighter and my prayers have been with her. I would like to send her a support letter - do I send it through this website and does she still get on the computer?
God Bless You - Lucy

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Dear Lucy
You can send Tiger a message through the reply button on my letter or a new letter to her from the top of the page or best of all if you want to send a private message to her go to her webpage & send an e-mail fom there. It will be private to her then. Thanks for caring for such a wonderful person as she is. Love & hugs. Pam

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Dear Pam,

I am glad this is your last chemo for a while ! I hope you will soon be OK and won't need the other drugs too long. After all the drugs we take, I wonder why I still bother to buy organic fruits and vegetables. Most of us have absorbed much worse than regular pesticides, and you are just confirming it ! I am laughing, but I am thankful for such drugs. Are you doing OK with the pain, with the help of morphine at least ? You are in my prayers, and I hope you will quickly regain your energy.

I am not sure Tiger reads her mail on the CSN site anymore. The first time I tried reaching her there, a few weeks ago, I had no luck, so we now write e-mails directly to our home addresses. Tiger had given out her e-mail address a few months ago on CSN, so I am sure it is OK if you send her fun stuff, jokes, and just plain love : davem@efni.com.

Well, if it's not OK, I'll tell her to hang me on the highest tree ...

It was good to hear from you, Pam,
Big hugs from Switzerland,

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Hi Cathy,

As long as you want to take a chance and hang from the tree, I wonder what you think about a separate message to all those who remember Tiger's (Rosa's) messages. I too write directly to her and do not think she has come to this network for quite some time.

Hugs to you, Jean

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