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Breast Pains

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I had a lumpectomy 11/1/00 and radiation that was completed 6/24/01 (chemo in between). Both went smashingly well. But now I'm having little stabbing pains in my breast. The Oncologist said this is common. Has anyone else experienced this and how long does it last? Jamie PS I'm also on Tamoxifen ... does anyone have breast tissue changes or pain from Tamoxifen?

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I also experienced pain in my breast about a year and a half or so after my lumpectomy. It started as a small pain and grew bigger over a few weeks, getting me quite worried. It was nothing serious and finally disappeared. My husband gave me an explanation that makes sense. He also experienced that type of pain months after appendicitus, and was explained it is because there are internal stitches with a self-resorbing thread that takes over a year to dissolve. When it finally does, I guess there is a reaction of defense of our antibodies, and it hurts.

Any one out there with a better explanation ?

Love to all,

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I am also on Tamoxifin and it has made my remaining breast tissue more dense making mammography a bit more difficult. They did an ultrasound also to make sure there were no little beasts hiding in the dense tissue.
As far as breast pain, I had a mastectomy and reconstruction and have not had any discomfort in my breast or chest wall. I did not need chemo or radiation. Good luck! Cathy

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I too think that allot of women who have mastectomies also suffer with pain. Often times it is the nerves causing us problems. I too found that chronic pain affected every part of my life. I soon found I was depressed with all the pain I was experiencing and the doctors weren't at all concerned. I kept at it and finally after suffering for a few years was taken seriously. Doctors sometimes think it is mind related when in fact it is a health issue. After much digging over the coarse of a year or so I was found to have many problems all the result of treatments I had. Do you know that I am just getting some feeling back now in both sides of my chest after having both breasts removed some 4 years ago. I am a real advicate for ensuring one has quality to their lives.

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Hi Jamie,
I too have these stabbing pains in my breast after radiation. The radiation onc told me to expect them, (but I didn't ask why they happen). So it is normal...if you can call anything about this normal. Sometimes I massage the area and it goes away. Hope that helps. Love, Jayne

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I had a masectomy in March, finished chemo and radiation. I also am having stabbing pain in my breast and the doctor told me it was normal. He said it may go on for a year or forever. He said I will be able to tell after one year. If it continues it will most likely be for the rest of my life.

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I went throught the same treatments as you only about a week ahead of you. I too recently felt those stabbing pains as well as just aching. Your mind immediately thinks the worse...But Dr. Susan Love's Breast book came to the rescue,- that these feelings are normal and so is the pain. I had my first mammogram since the cancer, and while it hurt worse than usual, it showed no signs of reoccurance. I find a hot shower of a heating pad helps some.

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I had a mastectomy Jan. 1990. I still experience breast pain on that reconstructed side during my cycle. The pain is normal and hopefully your will not last as long as mine has. My doctor suggested calcium supplements and a heating pad. The heating pad works best. Now, I just use the pain as a reminder to do my breast self-exam. I had my first occurance with breast cancer at age 35 and a recurrance at 44. I am now 47. I also use the pain as a reminder to thank God I am still alive and able to feel pain. We have to look for the good in everything. God is good and is still in the miracle business.

God Bless You,

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