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Prayers for America

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Dear friends,

The news about the terrorist attacks are devastating. I pray that your families and friends are safe, and that this horror will stop. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. May God protect you !

Love and big, big hugs,

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Omy Heavenly Father
I come to you right now my Father In your precious son's name Our Lord Jesus Christ.Father I ask you to put your hand on america right now we are in attack,Father I ask for all of us to take a silence for America ,I pray for you to put your healing hands Father on our country on all countries Father,we all need you now Father this is the sign of the times Father.I ask for all families to come together in prayer ,I pray for all those who has never accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior to ask Jesus in their hearts,I pray for all the families whose been affected by this Father ,we all are in pain because its our country whose been attack, Father help us all I pray for all because we all are your children so Father I ask for all of us to take a minite of silence for our country,Father I ask you for forgivness on all our sins to forgive us and for those who has not come to know your son dear Father I give each and every one of these families and love ones to you,I give us all to you Father that a miracle will happen i pray for us all,may the LORD be with you all
inJesus Name I Pray

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Thank you, Cathy, for your kind message.

An event like this is a good example of how fragile life is and how unpredictable our life span can be with or without cancer.

We need to be thankful for each day we have and pray for those who have died in this event and for their loved ones.


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What a beautiful prayer my hopes are with all these thing in Jesus name Amen Sharon

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