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The Countdown Has Begun!!!

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Hi, All!!!

Sorry I haven't been on too much lately. I've been reading, but just not time to respond. I see so many new members. My greetings to you all and welcome to our "family"!! :-) I know that you will find all the support, comfort, and strength that you need from this site. I shall try to e better about "putting in my two cents worth" as I have done in the past. Just give me some time. You can also e-mail me at any time. Anyone heard from Pam, Rosa, Cher, Mary Ann (Newton), Angie, or some of the other "older" members? I have been wondering about all of them/you lately. Sure do hope that things are going well for everyone!!!

Anyway, just thought I would share (before I go to sleep for the night) that I had my 3rd Taxol treatment today. I will have my LAST one in just 19 DAYS!!!!! Therefore, the countdown has begun.......

Things are going remarkably well with the Taxol. I have to get 5 Neupogen shots following the chemo. I really do not like getting "stuck" but the shots have certainly helped. I have had so much more energy this time around than I did with the A/C. My son even has remarked at how much more energy I have had!!! I am also taking the Glutamine (10g 3 times per day for 5 days after chemo). It seems to be helping the numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes.

Thanks, all for being here for me. I have truly been blessend and uplifted by all of your messages of encouragement, prayers, and the occasional "kick in the pants". Just wanted you to know that I am still here and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! I shall try to respond to you all individually as soon as I can. The oldest goes back to college tomorrow and then perhaps life will settle down a little bit!!! In the meantime, just know that I am here for you and you can e-mail me anytime and I will try to get back with you as soon as I can.

One last request. Could you all say a prayer for my son? He will be 13 in two weeks and has developed a hard spot under his left nipple area. In the last day, it has started to swell up a little. Needless to say, we are just a bit concerned. He is about to hit puberty, so I am hoping that this is due to hormone changes. I know that he is worried that it is something really bad. I am taking him to the doctor about it tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that the doctor can tell us what it is and that it is nothing serious. Thanks in advance for your prayers on his behalf. I am so paranoid about things like this, that I am almost ready to lose it...you know, thinking the worst, etc.

It is late and I really must go and get to sleep so I can start the madness all over again in a few hours. Take care and keep looking up. You are all in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

Love and blessings to you all......Wendy

P.S. For any of you new to the site, I do not have a web page yet....I'm working on it. If you care to know more about me and my "story", just go w-a-a-a-y back to my entry on the Board on February 20 of this year. Again, take care and have a really great day!! :-) web

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Hi Wendy, Good to hear you are almost through with the Taxol and have done well with your treatments. It has been such a long time, but it is almost finished. By the time you read this, you will have taken your son in for a check up, but my grandson had exactaly the same thing and it was related to puberty and went away. He was 13 at the time. I am sure your son is just fine but I do understand your worry and is always good to have things checked out. Welcome back...Love, Nancy

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Hi Wendy! So glad to hear from you again. I've been wondering how everything was going. Glad you're at the end of chemo and you have done so well. By now, you have seen the MD with your son and everything is OK! It's ashame we have to worry about so many things and panic when something new pops up! Hopefully, this too will pass. I've heard from Angie. She left last week to go home to Malasia. She's feeling pretty well. Had gone thru hyperbaric chamber treatments for bone mets but seems to have done well. She made alot of friends volunteering at a local hospital. She didn't want to leave but had to get back to work. Keep in touch! Cathy

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Hi, Cathy!!

Actually, I have read your response before taking my son to the doctor. I do thank you for the reply and the good wishes. So glad to hear the Angie is doing OK. I miss her writing on the Board. So sorry I haven't been better at writing to you. The summer just flew by!!! How is your daughter? Mine is still grousing about school. She was pretty excited about school as it was starting, but is now down again. UGH!!! She is finding out about the double standard in the military, etc. I'll elaborate on that later!! :-) I take my son to the doctor in about 3 hours, so will let everyone konw about what transpires later.

Has Fall arrived in NY yet? The weather is just starting to get tolerable again here. Of course, it doesn't help that I am having hot flashes, etc. It will be easier to take once the weather cools off.

Take care and I will write you soon.


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Hi, Nancy!!

Good to hear from you, too!! Thanks for the reply. I am actually reading this before taking my son to the doctor.....we go in about 3 hours. I must say that I feel much better knowing that this isn't an isolated occurance. I will let you know what happens with the doctor and my son later. Thanks for the encouraging words, though. My first thoughts were, of couse, the "C" word. Then I settled down and thought that perhaps it has something to do with him being almost 13. So glad that you brought that up. Now I feel much better. Well, must go for now. Thanks, again, for the response. I will try to write you more later and catch you up on all that's been gonig on.....and it is a lot!!!

Take care!! Wendy

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Dear Wendy:
I have been wondering about you lately, so I am glad to hear you are doing as well as you are. You know without asking that your son is being prayed for as you read this.
Pam is still battling a lot of pain, but saw a bit of improvement recently. She is constantly in my prayers.
Rosa needs prayers still---her liver mets were not too good either, but she has lots more to try to stop this monster---so she is keeping the faith and working hard.
All of you are in my constant prayers.
Hugs to all, Brenda (GA.)

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