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Unexpected hospital trip

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I woke up with chills and a low fever and had to go to the hospital. My onc said if that happened, I had to go right away... I was so scared. Had lots of blood tests and x-rays and they were going to keep me,but said my WBC was 2.2 and that I could go home on antibiotics. The results of some of the blood cultures are still pending. Is this a normal occurance? I was feeling so good and had lots of energy, but prior to the fever I was exhausted for 3 days... should I expect this after every treatment? My next one is Friday. Love, Jayne

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Jayne, sorry you're not feeling well! I can't give you any info on post-chemo reactions but I do know it is very common to have a drop in WBC's and you have to be very careful to stay away from sick people and not to get rundown because it's so easy to get sick yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Feel better soon! HUGS!! Cathy

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hi jayne, even if you feel like you have lots of energy you have to be careful not to overtax your system during chemo...you need lots of rest to recoup between treatments. after my first treatment I got thrush in my mouth and throat and needed antubiodics too. i worried it would happen each time too...but it didn't.

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Hi Jayne,

Sorry you had this bad experience but remember you are working in a school surrounded by a lot of germs. Your first introduction to those germs was about the time of your first chemo - right?

And even if you love your job, teaching is a lot of work - I know from experience. I would suggest that you plan not to do anything else. No housework, extra events etc. 'til you get thru the next three? treatments.

Your body was already tired from the radiation which most people get after chemo.

Good Luck in the coming weeks.

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Hi Jayne,

I'm sorry you're not feeling the best. Take good care of yourself and get some rest. Let us know how you are doing. Love, Judy

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You must know me by now ladies, I'll have to respond to Jayne's experience. First off, you know your body and got to the hospital. Where was your area of infection?? I had an infection hinder my chemo treatments for 3 weeks. I was in hospital for 8 days trying to get my counts up. I was one of the first patients to use neuprogin?haha. The doctors didn't even know what dose to give me. The recommended amount was daily for a week after treatments it seems to me. I got to day 3 and was electrified right to the bone marrow. I was jolting like I was being shocked. It was very painful. I stopped after day 3 because of sever reaction to the drug. Most get through it all without the shots but glad there are things there now to control infections. Help the body to fight!
I give you all big pats on the back for being able to work. I on the other hand was grateful to get out of bed and make a meal carry on the household. I had always worked so didn't have a normal schedule for my son. I work shift work and then made supper clean house and all. Now I had this time to be there for my son and do things I longed to do. What away for this to happen.
Our experiences help to evolve the humans we become. Cancer has brought out a whole new world and way of living. I am amazed...
Your doing good girl, enjoy yourself till Friday. Smell the flowers along the way.
Thinking of you,

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