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ovarian cancer-possible reasons

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Anyone ever hear of the link re. ovarian cancer: talcum powder.
Ive been a steady user for the last few years.
And, I wonder about my 20+ years use of artificial sweeteners, such as saccarin & aspartame.
Has anyone else with the same type of cancer I had use these things?

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My wife and I have not heard of this connection. My wife is currently going through her 3rd week of chemo (3 weeks to go), she is between Stage 3 and 4 ovarian cancer and will have 6 weeks of radiation once the chemo is complete.

About 1 month ago - a new friend approached us with a video and several books by Lorraine Day. She had breast cancer and got rid of it. She has a web page you can go look at and we have one of her videos. I am not saying that she has the definite answer to cancer, but we are trying to follow what she outlines in her books and video. We have decided however to go through the chemo and radiation. Lorraine Day maintains that cancer is caused by what we eat (or fail to eat). We have changed our diet in our home (for the whole family) and we have had changes in all of us. It is too early to tell if in fact this new diet will change anything - but I am curious and I have a question.

Is there anyone out there that has followed her diet (close to the hallelluja diet) and what have they found as far as results.

As far as my wife is concerned the change has been that instead of vomiting 7-8 times/day following chemo, it is down to 1-3. And they say that you usually gain weight during chemo - but her weight has remained steady, not moving up or down. She eats no meat, no sugar, no caffeine, and minimal dairy products. She juices carrots, oranges, grapefruit, and apples. She has never smoked or drank any liquor.

The diet is not everything however and she stresses that in her video too. Water intake, positive mental attitude, air, and things like that all factor in. We figured that no matter what, these changes certainly cannot hurt her and so far they are at least helpful. Of course how that is effecting her cancer if at all we don't know, but we will find it soon I guess (meaning in the year to come).

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Dear Necia: There has never been a member of my family diagnosed with ovc. I too have used baby powder (not always made with corn starch) for years, and also have been a user of artificial sweeteners since I was a teenager. I am now 64 years and was diagnosed with stg.4 ovc in 7/01. I had a hysterectomy and debulking procedure on 8/3/01. I finished my chemotherapy end of 1/02. Am feeling pretty good now and my hair is growing back. The doctors cannot tell me why I got ovc and will not confirm the possibility of the use of baby powder or the artificial sweeteners. They told me that it just happens to 1 out of every 55 women. My ovc was not caused by genetics either. I found your question very interesting as no one else has asked this. Hope all is going well for you now. Helen C.

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necia my whole life we were always told to powder after our bath. i have a friend who is a doctor and he said they havent really confirmed the connection, but a good possiblity of some connection

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