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Hi my son is now a 4 year survivor of this cancer. He is 6 years old. In another year he will be DONE with CT scans and blood work etc., he will be considered CURED!!! Although this makes me happy beyond words, it is scary not to have that Ct. to be a watch dog. Anyone else out there feel the same? Lisa

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hello ! my son is now 11 and on his sixth year of remission of rhabdomyosarcoma. he only has 9 more to go before he is considered cured. congratulations by the way the four year mark is a huge accomplishment that many do not see.
i have to admitt I am very nervous. my son is only seen now on a need to be seen basis, and that is scary. I keep asking my self what if ? that is my newest project. learning how to let my guard down just a little and litten up. his status just changed in april and I am still having are hard time wether he gets a nose bleed, a pain,cramp, or if he just acts to tired.but I guess that go with being a parent/caregiver. if you want to talk my e mail is verlo202@mwt.net

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Hi my name is Cynthia and i am 43 yrs old and in 1999 i was diagnoised with is type of cancer..i first got it in '95 but was misdiagnoised..they tell me it only comes to children yet i got it guess i am a child at heart..(laughter)..wanted to know more how u and ur family esp. joey is doing..hugs cyn

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Hi Cynthia this is Lisa. Joey is now nine years old and I haven't been very good at checking this have I? I am much more relaxed now concerning relapes. He is very stong and muscular,and extremely healthy. I am truly blessed. I hope things are going well with you, I have set this up to get replys sent to my e-mail so I can answer you if you write back. I am interested in knowing how you are doing. Take care Lisa

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