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tongue cancer

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anybody out there with metastatic tongue cancer? My brother has squamish cell carcenoma, primary site being the tongue. it has now spread to the lungs and other parts of the body after three years of being in remission, he originally had surgery to remove the tumor and then radiation.

Now it's back, and we're looking for anyone who has had the same condition.



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Dear Tara,
I am 23 and I have tongue cancer also. Mine was just diagnosed in nov. Tell your brother to hang in there and I will be praying for him.

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I know this is an old thread, but I hope some new people will respond. How are you two doing? My husband had the squamous type of cancer in his tongue too. It was also in his jaw. Then he had a different type of cancer in his tonsils. He had his entire tongue; tonsils; partial jaw bone removed. Also, 2 lymph nodes from his neck. I would really like to hear any positive stories out there... So far, my husband cannot gain any weight or even stabilize. He can no longer eat, swallow, spit, or talk; and he has a PEG tube now. I would like to hear it's worth it and that life will get better again. Cancer sucks!  

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Neither tara8 or murry have logged on since August of 2008, but I am sure they would agree with you “cancer sucks”.

It sounds like you have been given a tough go of it.  There are others who would identify with your condition, if they knew about you.  This older threads are full of information, but lack the attention getting you are after.   A new thread may turn the response in your favor.

While I was stage IVa, scc, bot,  and went through the typical H&N side effects I haven’t spent much time in your shoes and really feel your pain.

Good luck,



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