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Lupron and its effects

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I am a 61 year old man with a gleason 6 and a PSA of .2 after a TURP done in June 2001. I have bee told by a urologist that I need to be give a shot of Lupron to arrest the PC. and then be eligable for radiation in a few months. Due to the TURP, I am not a candidate for a radical or seeds. Can anyone share their experiences on Lupron?

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Lupron is a powerful drug which basically does a chemical castoration of the person who has the 22.5mg 3 mo shot. It stops the production of testosterone which is needed by prostate cells to divide/multiply/grow. It is usually used in conjunction with another LHRH antagonist drug. I had 2 Lupron shots and can tell you that if you can get by with only one before the radiation you will be better off in several ways. On the second shot you will probably develop very sensitive breasts which may last for more than a year after discontinuing the drug. Next hot flashes may increase and be very bothersome. It may disrupt all your other routine blood tests, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, and other chemical balance. You will need to see your family physician about the after effects, the urologist may not fill you in so ask lots of questions and ask for the drug leaflet for informed consent before taking the shot. If you are going to be taking it long term, ask about radiation for the breast problem. Dennis

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My name is Mike and I have just received my second shot of Lupron. So far I have had minimal side effects. I do have the muscle and joint ache and hot flashes. ALL of which are bothersome but not unbearable.Needless to say my sex life is in the toilet! My PSA has gone down to .6 from a high of 31 before the radiation treatment. Gleason of 9
How long have you been under treatment and if I may ask what were your Psa and gleason numbers.
I am trying to get some idea of what I can expect and what my odds are in my battle with prostate cancer.

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I am a 56 year young man. Had a gleason of 9 and a Psa of 31 at the highest. Had 8 wks of radiation and now on casodex and lupron, am on third round of treatment.Most side effects are managable. Hot flashes are annoying experincing muscle aches and joint pain (sort of like the day after a sandlot football game and a loss of stamina, still working full time Welding. On feet all day. The worst effect for me is the lack of the ability to have sexual relations. It just doesn't work like it used to work. The urologist has me scheduled for two years treatment. My psa has dropped to .6 the last blood test. appx. three months after radiation Good luck Mike
Have not had any problems with any other

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My husband had radical prostatectomy Nov. of 2000..his psa was doubling each time it was taken..when it reached .28 he was given lupron shot in Jan. 2002 he started having hot flashes about 3 weeks ago..we have heard soy products help with the hot flashes but we don't know how much soy

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Lupron is a nasty drug but is effective in arresting some spread of prosytate cancer cells. I had 2 shots of the 3 mo. 22.5 mg drug mainly to decrease the size of the prostate before brachytherapy. I experienced hot flashes, tender breasts, wild variations in blood sugar, flashes in my eyes, and high choresterol. Thesese are just a few of the affects you may experience, go to the web and search lupron drug reactions to get the entire list that may affect you. The first couple of weeks you awaken with one big erection as it works to cut off the supply of testosterone which is required for prostate cancer cells to multiply.

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I have had a radical prostatectomy 6 years ago, and my PSA is again on the climb. Now I have been given Lupron, and am trying to decide whether to have external radiation or seed implant. The effects from Lupron have been consistent "hot flashes" and reduced interest in sex.

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ive been on it for a year ending 6 months ago.  Still have hot flashes and arthritis in my hands.

im not sure if Lupron is the cause of the arthritis but I don't have it anywhere else.

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