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The Present

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hi all.... I am halfway thru radiation, and holding up pretty well...the hardest part for me is not scratching or rubbing because it itches like crazy..[sunburns have the same effect on me]
I read this yesterday and really liked it,so thought I'd share it.........
The Present is a Present....
A present from God, to be unwrapped and enjoyed..
Not to be wasted on regrets about the past..[yesterday]
or worries about the future..[tomorrow]
So have a beautiful day!......lindy

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When I was having the radiation treatment, I was told to try Aquaphor ointment. It seem to help when I would put it on at night, before I would go to bed. And it does help on sunburns to. You can get it at the drug store, you don't need a prescription for it. I hope this will help you.
God Bless you, Linda

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