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Wig experience

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Hi all,
I took the plunge and had my son cut my hair before he left. It was very hard and I did cry my eyes out, but I know it needed to be done. So I went to church with my new hair and everyone was so supportive. That was cool. However, I don't know how to stop the wig from itching my head. I've tried a nylon on my head, but that doesn't seem to help much...plus in 100 degree plus weather, my poor head gets really hot. Any ideas? Next chemo is on the 7th. I'm back at work, and next week I have kids in the classroom. I am hoping I don't have an itchy head then. I know that this is a really trivial problem, but if anyone has any thoughts on how to stop the itch, I'd really appreciate it. I'll keep you posted on the next chemo experience.
Love, Jayne

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Dear Jayne:
So glad to hear you are doing as well as you are. I don't know if this will work for you, but I took some gauzy light weight cotton and cut a strip to encircle inside of wig and just stitched around loosly on the band of wig just enough to hold it in place--it was about a 2 or 3 inch wide strip. My wig made me itch more around nape of neck and around my ears more than anywhere else, so that is the part of the inside of the wig I tried to cover. They are very hot, so another tip is when you first come into the A/C from the heat - try going to bathroom and dampening a towel in cold water and rub over your head-- without the wig on, of course!!! Also, sometimes just a little baby talc powder smoothed over head helped.
I do hope these suggestions will help you in some small way, too.
You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless and strengthen you each day.
Hugs and love,

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I just remembered, the material was strips from an old white handkerchief of my husbands, that had seen many washings and was getting thin! Very soft and the coolest material I could find.

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I tried a nylon wig liner and it didn't work well. I bought some cotton blend wig/scull caps through TLC (a catalog of wigs, turbands, and other items for breast cancer patients). I'll look for the exact name and address for you. But I'm done with the ones I bought ... I will send them to you if you like ... they are thoughly cleaned and in fine condition. If you are interested send me an email with an address. I'm sorry you have to endure the heat ... I was fortune to be bald for the winter months in Maryland. Jamie

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Dear Jayne
I too hated my wig so I do not bother. People can take me as I am. They are so itchy & it's winter here in New Zealand. I too got my daughter to give my head a go with her clippers when it started to fall out. Luckily I did not lose all my hair. It just got very thin and bald in patches. Now everyone sys they love it cropped & you know what you never have a bad hair day. I will not bother to colour or grow it long again once my chemo is finished. Look positive & sod anyone who makes bad comments. Just be comfortable. After all it's your life & if they don't like it it's their problem. Love to you. Pam

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