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easier way to get to the survivors' network

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Hi everyone!

Found awhile ago that is is easier to go to the discussion site and then bookmark it or list in favorites and access it directly.

I check the ACS home page when I want to see news but otherwise do not.

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Hi Jean. I go into my favorites and get right in but have to type in my name and password each time, even though I check remember me. Is there a way I can avoid that. Thanks. Cathy

Posts: 682
Joined: Feb 2001

Hi Cathy,

I don't know. I found a few days ago that it was impossible for me to go to the ACS site and would never have gotten to the CSN if I had not previously put it in my 'favorites' - think that was why there have been so few messages this week.After getting there to the CSN site, there was nothing new to read!


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alright jeanni went right through i wander if i could forward information ,prayers and poems hers now on discussion room

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Hi! I set the ACS home page as a desktop item. I just hit it, then type in my name and password. I have it labeled as Maggie's special place. Take care

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