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Thyroid Levels

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I had my first regular check up since lupectomy,chemo and radiation. My Thyroid Stimulating Hormone was quite high indicating Hypothyroid. I did have Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis 25 years ago but have been in normal ranges without medication ever since. Has anyone heard of the chemo effecting the thyroid? My Onc. always checked my throat/goiter area when I was seeing him every week. Anyway the GP put me on Synthroid for a month and then check levels again. I don't see the Onc. till October ... but I suppose I should call him. Hope everyone is doing well!! Jamie

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Dear Jamie:
As good as chemo is at killing cancer cells, it is equally effective on healthy cells. Especially our glands and the thyroid in particular. One of the first things my onco nurse advised me to do when I finished treatments was to have thyroid checked. The chemo has affected my sweat glands, mucus glands, oil glands, etc. but lucky for me, not my thyroid or not yet.
God bless you.

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