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No insurance,no medicare, no medicaid, and bladder cancer

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My dad was just diagnosed with an advanced bladder tumor. Resources are dwindling fast. Where to go? What to do?

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Can you get disability from social security? It's not much, but it's a start.

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I agree w/ the previous message, also if he's not at retirement age there's medicaid if he didnt qualify the first time around because maybe he was working, re apply because if he hasnt been working then the financial situation looks different when they go back, you can apply as mant times as you want as your scenario changes and if you own a home it doesnt matter but if you have alot of other assets it may like a huge 401k or something look as poor as possible

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Have you tried the medical facility treating him? sometimes they need some one for a research ? I know I.U. med in Indianapolis has such programs.Claie

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Well I think we need a dual diagnosis centers. These rehab centers should provide best facility to those who are in dire need of it. These places should be free and should be serving humanity.

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There is a program called Hill Burton.. most hospitals in the country have it as it is a federally funded program. All you would need to do is speak with a patient representaive at the hospital your father chooses, and apply for the program. If he has been turned down for Medicaid and doesnt qualify for Medicare he should have no problem getting Hill Burton to cover his medical expenses.
Also, consider Medicare again, under the Social Security act, if your father is CATASTROPHICALLY ill (forgive the spelling) which cancer is usually considered, he is entitled to SSD Sicial Security disability... with that, MEdicare is an automatic.

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Most hospitals have some sort of charity assistance program.

Ask at the social worker's office, at the billing office or your doctor's office (if it is in the hospital).

They usually as for pay stubs (sounds like your dad does not get them, anyway), a self-declared list of income and expenses and possibly a letter explaining why you need assistance.

Some hospitals, on approval, will cover all treatment expenses with this assistance - but at least will cover some.


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My local United Way has a Cancer Care program that has assistance money, so you might want to check there. Also, here is list of other places I know of. Hope it helps. Kimby

CancerCare: www.cancercare.org 800-814-4673 or 800-813-HOPE
Patient Advocate Foundation www.patientadvocate.org 800-532-5274
Cancer and Careers www.cancerandcareers.org Help for working cancer patients and returning to work
Firefighter Cancer Support Network: www.firefightercancercupport.org

Travel and Housing Sites:
National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses: www.nahhh.org 800-621-7177
Air Charity Network: www.aircharity network.org 877-621-7177 A voluteer group of pilots who are willing to help in transportation
National Patient Travel Center: www.PatientTravel.org 800-296-1217
Corporate Angel Network, Inc. www.corpangelnetwork.org 866-328-1313 Also providing air transportation and helping with expenses.

American Cancer Society www.cancer.org 800-227-2345
National Cancer Institute www.cancer.gov 800-422-7937

And finally a general cancer advocacy group:
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship www.canceradvocacy.org 877-622-7937

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I had an encounter at the pharmacy when I went to pick up a medicine for $400 (!?!?!?!). I was about having a coronary right at the counter when a nice person piped up behind me and said that there are patient assistance programs which helps us get medicines directly from the manufacturers.

So, I came home and started searching....


Here's a website where I found all 9 of my mother-in-law's prescription medicines which can be gotten for free or very low cost (between $10 and $25) - even her chemotherapy medicine (she is currently taking Tamoxafen).

I can't wait to send in all the applications (not too many - one company can provide 6 of her medicines).

I hope this helps you, too.


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First talk to all of your providers of health care, make arrangements to make payments. Second go local SS office and mention the words compassionate allownces, you can get SS in as little as 2 weeks. Third talk to ACS they can direct you to the proper organizations. Does the oncology dept have a socialworker? They can be of great assistance.I have been in your place, just keep trying and keep your eyes open for angels they are eveywhere.

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That is soooo funny that you mention asking for payments....

When I made the appointment with the medical oncologists to begin treatment for my mother in law I explained her situation very clearly and specifically asked about payments. I was told that yes, they make payment arrangements. When asked if there was any program either in the hospital or outside that could provide some assistance with the payments they advised me to contact the social worker (I did call her and she said to go see her after the appointment for my mother-in-law).
I went to the office a few weeks before the appointment to pick up the packet (patient info questionaire and other such forms) and reviewed all the same information - they repeated, yes, they make payment arrangments....
I show up with my husband and his mother for the appointment and they insisted that we make the full payment right then and there. They said that they normally don't even accept international patients (non-resident/citizen) but that they were making an exception. They also said, "when you have the money you can come back". Disgusting. We are talking about cancer, here, not a skin rash.
So, we wrote a check, the doctor saw her, then later we get a letter saying that they (this particular doctor office) could not treat her and to find another hospital to treat her.
Well, at least part of the doctor visit included directions for initial treatment which we promptly carried to the radiation oncology unit and set an appointment. We also filled out paperwork with the hospital so that she can receive charity assistance - which pays for the lab and tech costs and some of the other doctor costs.
I explained the situation with the nurse who was helping us with the charity assistance application and told the doctor there that I did not want to see ANYONE in the office of medical oncology at that hospital. The doctor said she would help find a doctor at another nearby hospital for us to go to. It has been almost two weeks and everytime I ask she says she is "working on it".
One footnote about the payment at the medical oncology office and the letter - we had to put a stop payment on the check because when I got home and looked at the duplicate in my husband's checkbook I saw that it was totally blank except for his signature. So, I advised him to put a stop payment on it because anybody could take that check and write any amount on it - even write THEIR name, not the doctor's name on it and cash it. He did, but delayed in issuing a replacement payment. I did WALK into the office with payment and explained what happened and why - but they treated me like I was a criminal. The manager said "it will be interesting to see who filled it in" - as though I were lying.
Makes me feel like a victim - I am in a tough position of providing care for my mother-in-law, it costs a lot of money, it cannot wait and these people are behaving like we are infringing on their comfort.
I am not going to mention the hospital because, honestly, we have received better treatment at the Radiation Oncology unit. They are very kind and helpful.
ok - long post so I will quit now (you touched the tent in a rainstorm - now the rain comes in).

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