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Made it - Day 1

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Hi all,
Praise the Lord I made it very well through the first treatment. I tried to remember all the things you told...not looking at the Adriamycin as it went in, have some relaxing music to listen to... It was a very uneventful even. No pain, no nausea, no nothing. Yeah!!! I am patiently waiting for anything to happen at home and have a host of people wanting to take care of me. I had a wonderful nap for 4 hours and am almost ready to take another one. I don't know what lies ahead, but I know I walk with My Savior and that's what matters! You're all in my prayers. Mega-thank yous!
Love, Jayne

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So glad to hear the news- believe me, I wondered today how you were doing. Remember to take the anti-nausea meds for the next three days even if you feel fine. Don't take chances. Also be sure to drink a lot of water and fluids. I found my mouth and throast dry so found my favorite bakery muffins not to my liking anymore.

Continued good luck from Jean

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Wow! What a birthday present. I thought about you several times today, too, and said a little prayer for you each time. Glad you got through it so well.

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Hi Jayne,

I am so glad it went well ! Naps are the best thing during chemo, because some body repair functions only occur while you sleep.

Take good care,

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Hi Jayne,

I'm so glad the first treatment is over and that it went so well. I thought of you often throughout the day....and we will be praying for you this week end too. Hope that you have a good day today.... be good to yourself. Rest when you need to.
Love, judy

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Hi there Jayne,
Im so proud of you. You have started out well and with what sounds like a very positive attitue. One day at a time hun thats the key. Oh and as for nausua meds i took zofran 8mg the compizine and others didnt pack the punch i seemed to need lol.
My thoughts are with you and I wish you wellness. Hang in there.


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