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Stage I

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I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer (2.0 cm; sentinel node; node negative, ER+/PR+) in June. Have finished 2 of 4 A/C chemo and doing pretty well with that. Even though onc says chances of spreading is slim and that is reason for chemo I still worry all the time. I feel like every "ache and pain" is something. It seems like I read so much of those that have spread is very scary. Tell me that I will get over these "negative" thoughts as I am normally a very "positive" person. Ready to get on with my life!!

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Hi Lydia,
I have stage 1, with no node involvement also. I have completed my radiation regime and will begin my a/c chemo on Thursday. Being scared is normal. However, the more knowledge I obtain about the disease, and the more I learn about how I can be proactive in the fight has helped me alot. I was very uneducated about cancer until I was diagnosed in April. I know that God is in control and nothing happens to me without His awareness and allowance. He gives me strength to get through each day and when I am worried, He has given me lots of people to encourage me. My family has been so wonderful and the women in my church have been there too. This web site has been a blessing to me. So many ladies with such knowledge. I couldn't find all that info with only myself researching. I have many aches and pains, and I have to make a lot of decisions regarding my treatment plan...some of the decisions I am not clear on yet, but I will be when the time comes. When I do get "down" I remember some Scriptures that are encouraging to me, or a song with special words. I also think of the women on this site who have been victorious survivors. Hang on to the thoughts that encourage and bless you. We're here for you. Keep us posted and feel free to e-mail me if you want to. I'll be praying for you.
Love, Jayne

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Dear Lydia,
I am afraid that part of the negativity is the unknown. Our fears get the best of us and we can't turn the corner as fast as we would like. I am a stage 3, 5 year survivor and still have my moments. We all feel worried about the aches and pains but you will soon see that most, if not all eventually go away with time. Never let things go on for more than 3 or 4 weeks before telling your doctors. If your pains hang around get them addressed.
Even positive people have moments when they too are unsure and negative. Reality has that way about us.
My thoughts are with you and hope you continue to reach out to the wonderful women here. We all are here for the same reason.
Don't forget that.
Be Good to Yourself always,
I wrote Living Well With Cancer in the Gallery section of the site. This is my story.

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Hi Lydia, I also was stage 1 breast cancer, and received the same chemo, plus radiation after my breast surgery. I want you to know it will get better. You will still have fears, even ten years from now, but they will be less frequent. I am a 2 year survivor, and I still have my fears, but I don't let it control my life. I fought very hard to defeat cancer and I refuse to let it control my life. You will have fears, but look them in the eye and face them and it will be easier. Life does go on and you and I can be one of those 30 year cancer survivors. Good luck on you treatments, and smile and laugh it is the best healing medicine. It will be ok, Lynda.

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