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When did you begin tamoxifen?

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Hi Everyone,

I know that most women start tamoxifen after radiation but the clinical trial I am in has me beginning tamoxifen tomorrow - the same day I begin radiation.

I know Nancy, in her clinical trial, began tamoxifen with her AC chemo.

I tried to research this on the web, but found nothing because as my oncologist said, there is nothing out there to find.

So...just curious about the rest of you and when you began taking tamoxifen or will begin taking it.

Also I have 20mg tablets for once a day. Does anyone take 10mg morning and night?

Thanks for any info.


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Hi Jean - My oncologist started me on the tamoxifen a month after my last chemo treatment and I take 20mg. tablets once a day also. I have not had a problems with the drug - still have some hot flashes, but they are not as bad as before. I have been on the tamoxifen now for 10 months.
Good luck to you and if I can help you in any way, let me know.
God Bless - Lucy

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Hi Jean,

I've only been on tamoxifen for a couple months but my doctor has me on 10mg tablets twice a day. At the time, he said he knew some doctors prescribe 20mg for once a day but he went with the other. He feels it's the same result as long as the patient ends up with 20 mg a day. I'm anxious to see what others have been prescribed....then maybe I'll check back with my doctor.

Take care.

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My radiation oncologist told me not to take Tamoxifen until after all treatments were done because she said that some docs think Tamoxifen may block the effects of radiation. However, she said no one has any hard evidence on this, it's just a matter of preference. My other onc had given me the prescription but said the rad. onc. might stop it until after treatment. Another radiation onc that saw me toward the end of my treatment said I could begin the Tamoxifen and reinforced that there was no clear cut evidence one way or another, it was all preference. I know that really doesn't give much of an answer either way, but I hope it sort of helps.
Love, Jayne

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Jayne -

The fact that I would receive the tamoxifen AFTER radiation except for this clinical trial makes me realize that the standard treatment is after. I myself wondered about the effect of the two together.

Actually, had I not followed the chemo regimen which turned out to be the standard one, I would have been out of the trial, but how can anyone really check on pill taking if I should wait and tell no one???

And you had conflicting advice too. Frustrating! You should be starting chemo soon or already did. Good Luck, Jean

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Hello Jean,
My mom started taking her Tamoxafin sometime betwwen her surgery and chemo. The drs. had postponed her chemo a few wks because her inscision wasn't healing properly. She had been taking 1 pill 20mg / day, but she now takes 2 pills a day 10 mg ea.,,,,,,,This is because she doesn't have insurance, her Dr. filled out a form ,and she now gets a few months supply at a time (free) directly from the manufacturers, and the form has to be renewed by her dr once a yr.

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My oncologist told me I could begin taking tamoxifen after chemo and during radiation or I could wait until radiation was over. I waited because I wanted to know/guess/understand what any side effects might be from. I've been on 20 mg for almost 14 months. The hot flashes are less but noticeable and I've put on about 6 pounds. I only have 3 years and 10 months left...but who's counting?!!It's not bad. Good luck. Love, Luckyj

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Hi Jean and everyone, My Oncologist gave me a prescription for Tamoxifen, 10 MG twice a day. I asked if it mattered if I took 2 at once or took one morning and one night. He siad it did not matter. He told me he wrote the prescription for 10 MG because most pharmacies do not stock the 20 MG tablets. The only reason I started the Tamoxifen at the same time as my chemotherapy started, was due to the trial I am in. It seems that no one is really sure what is best, and it is all a wait and see the results kind of game. Love to all, Nancy

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My doctor gave me 10 mg twice a day. I take both in the morning. I ask the nurse if I needed to take one in the morning and one at night and she said they didn't care how I took the pills as long as I took two a day. Now I know they gave me the prescription of 10 mg twice a day because 20 mg are not stocked. I am not having any bad side effects yet and will keep my fingers crossed I don't.

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I began taking tomixifen during my chemotherapy treatments and continued through radition. I will be taking the it for 5 years.

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Hi Jean,
I was put on Tomoxifen two weeks after my surgery and am supposed to be on it for five years. The 20mg tablets made me feel awful so my doctor had me switch and take 10mg twice a day and that has worked. Good luck to you! Take care, Dee

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