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Metastatic Cancer Miracle stories?

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My mom had a double mastectomy. A few days ago, we find out that the cancer has spread to the ribs, lungs, liver, abdomen, and bones. I see miracle stories on the internet but nothing on metastatic cancer. Can anyone help me and share positive information for my mom and I? We feel like our souls are already dead and we are so scared.

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This site is a wealth of information. I want you to know we all know what it is you and your family must be going through. My thoughts are with you all during this very difficult time.
Sometimes we have to look outside of the medical community to try and help ourselves to some degree. Through my own search I have seen many different health products that have helped some along the way. Since my diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer I have looked at what other people are doing and if it could help me. I settled for a Tahitian Noni Juice, or Nectar in Canada. But there are many vitamins and suppliments that can help boost immune systems and slow the process of such a disease.
I always say that this Tahitian Noni may not keep me alive but it has helped me have a quality to my life, something doctors and medication could not do.
The one thing that is hardest to keep in our hearts and formost on our minds, is there is always hope. We never know what can happen and how the person's body reacts. Our minds and souls have something very real to say about it all, often moving us beyond the brink.
Be good to yourselves,

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Dear Tara,
Thank you for taking the time out to reply to my message. You will not know how I appreciate your words and advice. Today, my mom had her first round of chemotherapy. We pray for God's blessings. I will look up that Tahitian Noni for my mom and also other alternative forms of medicine. I will keep you in my prayers also and thank you again for your kindness. Mary

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I know only too well how your Mom feels with this diagnosis. It sounds very similar to my own last May. I had 6 doses of Taxotere and 7 doses of Taxol plus weekly doses of Herceptin and monthly doses of Aredia (for the bone metastes).
The main thing for me is my total trust and belief in God and His healing power. We must accept His will and not our own so I have tried to keep my heart humble and pray for the Lord to give me the strength to handle whatever I must. The power of prayer is awesome to me, also.
My last scans showed the liver, lungs, etc. as clear of leisions. My bone scan showed marked improvement. With cancer you can never be sure what tomorrow will bring; so, I try to be so thankful for each day God presents to me and not worry too much about what tomorrow might bring; but trust that God will lead me through each crisis.
I also take supplements. I could not tolerate the Noni fruit because it has a gritty feel to it and since chemo, I cannot stand to swallow something with that texture. I have taken Essiac Tea, Green Tea, Coenzyme Q10, Extra Vitamin A and the B vitamins plus about 3000 mg. of Vitamin C each day. The Essiac Tea has a wonderful story behind its potential treatment for cancer plus personal testimonies from people I know who had positive effects from taking or drinking this supplement. Those of you in Canada may know the story even better, since that is where the nurse lived that discovered the formula from a patient and started using it on all her cancer patients. The Canadian government didn't agree with her theory, and gave her a hard time, but she kept at her work until her death at a ripe old age. My blood counts never dropped below the acceptable level during all my chemo treatments and I have greatly improved and surpassed all expectations from last May.
Your Mother and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Everyone must grieve for a little while when first diagnosed, but then you set yourself a goal and go for it with all you have. It is not easy, but it is well worth the effort.
Hugs from Brenda

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Dear Brenda:
Thank you for your reply. You have given me and my mom a lot of hope and advice. I wish I had found all of you the first time or even the second time my mom had breast cancer. I wish my mom could come in this site herself but her bones really hurt and she cannot walk or type anymore. They have her on Morphine and Motrin. She would enjoy meeting all of you.

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Dear Mary,

Prayers and hugs to both you and your mother. I hope that the AC will be as effective as it has been for Pam.

Thinking of you - and so will many other here.
Love, Jean

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Hello, I read your story, I know it is quite old. I hope you are still feeling great. I wondered where your primary site of cancer was or is? Mine is the right lung which metastized to the bones and brain. can you tell me a little bout the drug Aredia for bones and also Essiac Tea, I also heard about Tahitian Noni where can I find out about the Tea and Noni?

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Dear Mary

I was diagnosed with metastatic disease 1 year ago 19 years after original breast cancer & mastectomy. I am still around, still fightting & still working (I am 54 years old). I was treated last year with hormones (Tamoxifen & Megastat) but these have since failed & I went through a bad patch but am now on chemo that is responding. Lung mets are completely gone & bone mets are responding to Adriamycin. My latest results show a marked drop in marker levels & onco reckons on 8 months to 2 years remission from this round of chemo alone let alone treatment from about four others he can try later when this one fails. So tell your mother to hang on in there. While there is life there is hope. Adding you both to my prayers. Love to you both. Pam

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Dear Pam:
My mom is 52 years old. Five months ago she was walking and feeling good. Her oncologist said her CT scan was "clear" That was only five months ago. She now cannot walk or really move her arms because she is in so much pain. They have her on Morphine and Motrin. She just started Chemotherapy today (Cytoxan & Adriamycin). This is the first time she had Chemo because the doctors always told her she never needed it. Both times, her lumps were less than 5 cm (I think 1.5 cm) and she had radical mastectomy. We just found out about the cancer spread last week and my family (especially me) feels so angry at the doctors and very sad. I thank you for your time in sharing your story and I hope I can continue to correspond with you and share feelings and stories. I will pray for you and please also pray for my mom. Thank you Pam and God Bless you.

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Hi Pam,

Just butting in here with a few words to you. It is so good to see you writing and know you are working and sounding much better than a few months ago. And , as usual, your helpful self.

Hope you continue to have better days ahead.
Love from Jean

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