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when does anyone chat?

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Joined: Aug 2001

I am new to this site I take care of my father who was diagnosed with pancreatic ca in may He has been at my house since june I would be intrested in talking to other caregivers but no one ever seems to be on??? If anyone is intrested in chating once in a while email me at ctang346@home.com thank you in advance I could really use some support

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Tang, I was wondering the same thing. I'll contact you at you e-mail address.

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Joined: Jun 2001

I am fairly new to this site. my father was diagnosed in june with lung cancer with a secondary tumor on his spine. apparantly the cancer is in his blood stream and is affecting his legs. the nerves are pulling away from the muscles and he is unable to walk he has been hospitalized for a month and this week has come to stay at my house. i would like to have someone to talk to about this. my email is shook@timesnet.net.

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Hi, I check this site as often as possible, which sometimes isn't alot. Caring for a cancer patient is tough. My dad died of prostate CA. My mother-in-law now lives with us since October of 2000, she has lung CA that has gone to her brain. She's had multiple treatments and right now she's doing great. I'd love to chat sometimes if you want. It seems to help to talk about it at times for some people. Hope everything is going well with your dad, don't be afraid to ask for help from others if you need it. Good luck and let me know how things are going.

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I can't find anyone to chat with also. My husband has tonsil cancer and I know taking care of someone is so hard. I will e-mail you so we can chat sometime. Let me know when it is good for you.

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I would love to chat with you,my email is graceyost@hotmail.com

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