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Joys of Lymphedema

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Joined: Aug 2001

Would like to talk with anyone who is doing manual massage and compression sleeve, bandaging, etc. etc. this is very difficult to manage and never seems to get any better even though I am faithful to my treatment and never go without sleeve or bandaging except to shower. My husband has started to help with the massage part but even that doesn't seem to make any difference. ANY ADVICE?????

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Dear Joys,
I have gone through the entire manual massage treatement program in MI and have found, too, that it is a lot of work for so little results. I had had a swollen arm for several years before this treatment, so I guess I'm too late. Also, I have pretty arthritic hands, and doing all of this work by myself is really arduous. If I had seen some tremendous results, prehaps, but the second the wraps are off for long, my arm resumes the previous girth. I do wear the elastic sleeve often, and find support from this device. I personally believe, while the idea is good, living a normal life is almost impossible.

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I have been doing the Manual massage and compression bandageing since Aug. some days my arm is bigger than others it goes up and down depending on how much I use it. So far it has stayed the same as when I first went for therapy.I am just trying to controll it I do not believe it will improve.

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I have had lymphedema from Day 1 since surgery. At first aspiration helped. Then came the sleeve, did the massage,and even ended up on a diurectic to help eliminate some of the fluid. I swell worse after salty foods,and in the hot weather. On good days,I can wear my rings which have all been re-sized. Most days,I don't want to risk having them cut off, or worse. I have had no permanent improvement and feel it's with me for life. Good luck to everyone dealing with it!

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I have what seems to have the same condition as you. Mine is in the left predominant arm. I am not sure treatment will make your arm better, just hopefully from getting any worse. I do all of the massages, wrapping, etc. myself. I also do some special exercises to improve my range of motion that have really helped. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I believe I have received some very good PT.

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