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1 mo. baby, and then companion diagnosed w/Hodgkin's

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I'm new to this site. My girlfriend and I bought a house last Oct., had a son in late May, and discovered that she had Hodgkin's, IIB, in early July.
Our house is somewhat distant from "civilization," away in the mtns., so she needs to stay with friends in a nearby town to help take care of her and baby. I miss her dearly and visit as often as I can, but I feel lonely and guilty because I can't work, take care of the baby, and take care of her all at the same time. It just makes me feel so weak.
I barely sleep at night despite the fact that I'm exhausted. I try not to tell anyone how I awful I feel, especially my girlfriend, but it's eating me up inside, which is why I suppose I'm posting this message--just to tell someone.
I guess I just hope that someone can tell me that it's all right that I can't work all day and then take care of an infant and a woman in chemotherapy.
Thanks for listening.

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Joined: Aug 2001

matt, don't feel guilty. my husband was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in oct of 2000. the day we were told the news we were also told that he had 3 to 6 months to live. in january before that he had major surgery that left him in a wheelchair. we also live in the middle of 6 acres at the end of a dead end road so i do understand your feelings but don't waste what time you can spend together feeling bad. we have found that laughter is the key. we live every day to the fullest. i also work a full time job but i have to leave my husband alone. i have friends and family who look in on him from time to time but it is very hard to leave him every morning. i am constantly exhausted but it is worth it. there is no way i could do all that i do if there was anyone else that needed me. so don't beat yourself up because you can't do it all. do what you can and be happy with what you have. good luck to you and your family you are in our prayers.... donna

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